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Message from the Bachelor of Social Work Program

Greetings, on behalf of the faculty and staff of the School of Social Work, and the Bachelor of  Social Work Program. As we continue a legacy of undergraduate social work education at Fayetteville  State University, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the School of Social Work,  and the Bachelor of Social Work Program. We are very pleased that you have an interest in social work  as a career choice, and are considering a social work education at Fayetteville State University. A  social work educational experience is challenging, rewarding, and exciting. As a social work major you  are pursuing a course of study that will make a difference in your life, and empower you to make a  difference in the lives of others. Social Workers are special people, and as such your are special to us. As social workers, we are governed by a code of conduct and ethical responsibilities that guide you as students, and ultimately guide us as professionals.

Social work and social work education prepare you for a professional career of service, as well, it provides the tools, and skills needed to pursue a full quality of life. We encourage you to take full advantage of every opportunity to learn, join the Student Social Work Organization, and engage in service learning. Consider our website as a tool in which we have prepared for you to learn more about social work education at Fayetteville State University. Please use it as a tool to have a virtual experience and gain insight into the path from student major to professional social worker.

 Dr. Erica Campbell
 Interim BSW Program Director


Mission Of the BSW Program 

"The mission of the Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW) at Fayetteville State University (FSU) is consistent with the profession's purpose and values, and program's context ... Read More

Program Goals

1. To prepare students for beginning generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities with emphasis on rural and military social work ... Read More

Program Brochure
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