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Title III Activities

The general thrust of the activities that comprise the university's Title III, SAFRA and Master's Grant Project is provided below.

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Achieving Academic Program Excellence

Activity Director: Dr. Marion Gillis-Olion
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & SACS Liaison
Funding Level: $437,813.00 

 Fayetteville State University (FSU) envisions itself being a leading institution of opportunity and diversity committed to developing learned and responsible global citizens. In order to reach this vision, FSU has adopted student success and the pursuit of excellence as some of its core values. These values are the basis of FSU's mission to provide students with the highest quality learning experiences that will produce global citizens and leaders as change agents for shaping the future of the state of North Carolina and beyond. Consistent with FSU Strategic Plan Priority #1 initiative 2 - Improving Academic and Co-Curricular Programs and UNC Tomorrow Priority #4 -- enhance the Global competitiveness of institutions and graduates, the purpose of this activity is to promote academic excellence at Fayetteville State University through alignment of academic programs with the standards of national and regional agencies that offer specialized accreditation and/or program certification/approval. Fayetteville State University plans to employ Title III Funds to support multiple efforts to demonstrate adherence to these standards: reviews of annual program assessments by external consultants; initial accreditation self-study review processes; improvements in accredited programs that ensure adherence to changes in state, regional and national standards; and high-quality student (undergraduate and graduate) research and inquiry-based learning in all disciplines through collaboration and mentorship with faculty. The activity funds will support a quality enhancement plan to meet SACS requirements, Making Evidence-Based Decisions (MEBD); and a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) necessary to support institutional effectiveness and specialized accreditation of academic units seeking initial specialized accreditation within the next five years, such as the following: Forensic Science - FEPAC, Chemistry - ACS, Bachelor of Social Work-CSWE, Birth-Kindergarten Teaching-NAEYC, Visual Arts - NASD, Fire Science-IFSAC, Master's of Nursing - CCNE. The CIP will also ensure a culture of evidence through periodic review of annual operation plans and assessment reports.

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Enhancing Student Success In The Core Curriculum

Activity Director: Dr. John Brooks
Dean of University College
Funding Level: $889,351.00

The proposed activity seeks to improve teaching and learning in the core curriculum-or general education program-at Fayetteville State University (FSU). FSU will introduce a revised core curriculum in the fall of 2013. The revised core will include a set of eight core student learning outcomes (SLOs) grouped in four areas: Transitional Studies, Disciplinary Perspectives, Essential Skills, Global Responsibility,

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Strengthening Campus Information Services

Activity Director: Mr. Nick Ganesan
Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and Telecommunication Services
Funding Level: $600,000.00

The primary responsibility of the Office of Information Technology and Telecommunication Services (ITTS) at Fayetteville State University is the management, implementation, maintenance, and training of the institution's information technologies. During the 2012-2017 grant cycle, the ITTS staff will research, acquire, implement technologies and provide training for campus users on the existing and newly deployed technologies. This activity in general focuses on maintaining currency by upgrading and replacing existing technologies and by adding new ones that are appropriate for the teaching and learning environment

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Technology And Professional Development Integration Initiative

Activity Director: Ms. Helene Cameron
Director of Career Services & Business Manager/Student Affairs
Funding Level: $144,883.00

The Office of Career Services at Fayetteville State University is on a mission to provide the highest quality and level of service for students, employers, alumni and faculty. In an effort to enhance the quality of service provided, the Office of Career Services has instituted the Technology and Professional Development Integration Initiative (TPDII). The TPDII is designed to assist the University in increasing the retention and graduation rates of our students by providing them with information on career choices using evidence based decision making and opportunities that align with the academic preparedness they are gaining at FSU assisted by the use of technology.

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Library Resources Development And Implementation

Activity Director: Mr. Bobby Wynn
Director of Library Services
Funding Level: $697,250.00

In 2014-2015, the library will continue to develop resources for Education and Educational Leadership, Physical and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics, Business Administration, Economics, Psychology, Social Sciences, Nursing, and Music, Art & the Humanities. We will also continue the staff development component of the Strengthening and Enhancing Library Resources Activity continues to ensure that the Associate Director for Collection Development (or designees) continues to update skills, knowledge and familiarity with library resources, trends and operations. The information obtained at professional conferences is required to manage the selection of resources and assist faculty. The second objective will be accomplished by attendance at conferences at the national, regional and local levels.

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Building Institutional Capacity To Enhance Academic Support Resources And Improving Year-To-Year Persistence Of Targeted Groups

Activity Director: Dr. Jason DeSousa
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Retention
Funding Level: $455,000.00

Based upon Title III Activity VI, Fayetteville State University (FSU) further seeks to build upon its institutional capacity for both enhancing academic support resources and improving year-to-year persistence of targeted student sub-groups. Already progress has been realized, especially with regard to a targeted subgroup-African American males, as shown on the table below, which presents fall-to-fall retention rates of first-year students who entered the University in the fall 2011 cohort.

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Professional Leadership And Staff Development

Activity Director: Mrs. Denise Brown-Hart 
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Funding Level: $112,800.00

The initial focus of the Service Quality Initiative (SQI) was to address the training needs associated with an improved service culture. FSU will establish the SQI to create a respectful, responsive and encouraging environment for students, faculty and staff that will in turn lead to increased enrollment, retention and graduation rates. SQI will promote an institution-wide environment that is customer-focused and continuously seeks to exceed service expectations, demonstrate teamwork and competent and accountable administrative leadership. The SQI will prioritize the provision of staff development in the areas of quality service and assessment to support improving student services.

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Enhancing Facilities

Activity Director: Mr. Rudolph Cardenas 
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Funding Level: $65,000.00

Fayetteville State University Facilities Management is requesting funding of planning, design and construction related activities from Title III in 2013-2014. The projects involve efforts to enhance many of the facilities to provide a safer and more attractive campus for faculty, staff, and especially students. All activities seek to improve the campus image and identity and enhance the administrative and professional operating environment for faculty and staff supporting the FSU Strategic Plan initiatives. Sustainability is now at the forefront of all FSU design and construction projects and will be included in all of the funded activities

Project Administration, Evaluation, And Institutional Assessment

Activity Director: Ms. Sophia Long
Title III Administrator
Funding Level: $252,108.00

The primary responsibility of the Office of Title III Coordination is the administration, monitoring and the evaluation of the institution's HBCU Title III Undergraduate Program, Master's Program and the 2010-2015 SAFRA Grant. Fayetteville State University is moving to strengthen the Office and its attendant services by fully staffing the function. It is proposed that a Title III Coordinator, Office Assistant and Budget Officer who will be housed in the business office manage the Office. The purpose of project administration is to assist the University in achieving its mission and vision through the development and implementation of its strategic priorities. These priorities inform the activities that are funded through Title III.

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Strengthening Support For Sponsored Research

Activity Director: Mr. Leslie Evelyn
Director of Sponsored Research
Funding Level: $230,000.00

The goal of this activity is to increase the amount of funding that Fayetteville State University(FSU) receives from external sources through grants and contracts. This goal will be achieved through the work of the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) and the Research Office (RO), which provide a range of pre-award and non-financial post-award services for externally funded projects. Through training opportunities, the OSRP, the RO and other faculty and staff will be positioned to strengthen the University's capacity to make the grant application process efficient, effective, and user-friendly by providing support from the initial funding inquiry all the way through to the proposal submission. The services provided by these offices include identifying potential funding sources, directing the grant application process, supporting prospective grantees to ensure adherence to compliance requirements. Additionally,

OSRP maintains records about sponsored program awards in databases and summary reports, and is involved in various campus-wide, sponsored programs initiatives.

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The Center for Defense and Homeland Security

Activity Director: Dr. Curtis Charles
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Institutional Transformation
Funding Level: $266,425.00

The Center for Defense and Homeland Security (CDHS) is designed to develop the next generation of national security and disaster preparedness workforce by addressing issues of compelling interest to the security of the United States. Through strategic partnerships with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the Coast Guard, industry associates, institutions of higher education, the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other federal, state, and local entities, the CDHS interdisciplinary faculty will be engaged in transformational education, research and the commercialization of emerging scientific technologies in areas critical to the national security of the U.S. CDHS faculty will be engaged in research areas such as Cyber Security; Biological and Chemical Countermeasures; [C4ISR] Command, Control, Communications, Computer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; and Infrastructure Protection and Disaster Management.

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Enhancing Business Practices

Activity Director: Mrs. Yolanda Bonnette
Associate Vice Chancellor
Funding Level: $227,278.00

 Fayetteville State University's Business and Finance unit is requesting continued funding from Title III in 2014-2015. The projects involve collaboration with UNC General Administration to update the campus purchasing and grants systems and enhancing many of the Business offices functions to provide a more efficient and productive enterprise for faculty, staff, and especially students. We seek to improve the campus Business office services and enhance the administrative and professional operating environment for faculty and staff supporting the FSU Strategic Plan initiatives.

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Continued Strengthening of the Effectiveness of the Office of Institutional Advancement

Activity Director: Mr. Jeffery Womble
Director of Public Relations
Funding Level: $206,656.00

Institutional Advancement is responsible for, among other things, creating the conditions that will result in increasing the resources of the University. However, the advancement program cannot be successful without a sufficient number of well-trained staff. It is also essential to assess and to continually enhance and develop a positive image for the University by garnering community-wide support needed to advance the institution. All avenues of communication will be enhanced as mechanisms for our outreach initiatives, including social media, multi-media platforms, and information highlighting the targeted programs. With adequate resources and staff, FSU will be better able to effectively communicate with our many key constituent groups and assess image issues, giving patterns, and practices that affect funding priorities. Professional staff development is essential to increase the effectiveness of the Division of Institutional Advancement. Staff will engage in professional development opportunities through attending conferences and professional training such as CASE, Banner training, and other software related training to increase the effectiveness of the office. As these activities proceed, it will provide the impetus for systematic targeted communications to support a comprehensive development program.

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Enhancing Facilities (SAFRA)

Activity Director: Mr. Rudolph Cardenas
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Funding Level: $108,950.00

Fayetteville State University Facilities Management is requesting funding of planning, design and construction related activities from Title III in 2013-2014. The projects involve efforts to enhance many of the facilities to provide a safer and more attractive campus for faculty, staff, and especially students. All activities seek to improve the campus image and identity and enhance the administrative and professional operating environment for faculty and staff supporting the FSU Strategic Plan initiatives. Sustainability is now at the forefront of all FSU design and construction projects and will be included in all of the funded activities.

Center for Promoting Stem Education and Research

Activity Director: Dr. Daniel Okunbor
Director of Research & Professor of Computer Science 
Funding Level: $120,400.00

The Center for Promoting STEM Education and Research was initiated in fall 2008 to server as a focal point for teaching and learning initiatives in STEM. The purpose of the activity is to continue the support for the Center for Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education and Research (CPSER ) overarching goal of the Center continues to be the improvement of student outcomes measured in terms of increases enrollment, retention, progression graduation rates of minorities and women and baccalaureate degrees in STEM disciplines. The Center will ensure collaborations and implementation of all externally funded STEM enrichment programs - LSAMP, UCAMCS, ISAS OpTIMUM, RISE, MSEIP, and CiPAIR. The Broncos Young Scholars Program will impact 15 participants in the first year, 30 in the second year, 45 in the third year and 60 in the fourth year and onward. Through the bridge program, participants will gain knowledge about college requirements and be better prepared for college after graduation from high school. The Intrusive Tutoring Program will impact approximately 200 undergraduate students annually. Participants will receive academic advising and mentoring from the Center.

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Master's Degree Program (P382G090012-12)

Activity Director: Dr. Doreen Hilton 
Assistant Dean of Graduate School
Funding Level: $464,000

The HBCU Master's degree program  is designed to strengthen and improve graduate education at Fayetteville State University by providing financial assistance, academic and non-academic assistance and support to African American and low income students in STEM and related disciplines to increase their enrollment, persistence, progression and graduation.  It is further designed to enhance existing STEM and related degree programs, establish new STEM degree programs, and provide research and development opportunities for both faculty and students. A support office has been established to ensure program implementation and the achievement of the aforementioned goals and objectives

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