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Coordination Office for Title III Programs

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Activities from Reprogrammed Funds 2009-10

Foreign Language Laboratory

Activity Director: Dr. Yali Li
Director, Foreign Language Lab
Funding Level: $15,562

One of the approaches to internationalize the Fayetteville State University is to continue to support the Foreign Language Laboratory built with Title III funds towards the end of the previous funding cycle.  The lab provides services to foreign language and culture programs at Fayetteville State University. The lab has been successful in helping to expand the language offerings. Currently Fayetteville State University offers are French, Chinese, Yoruba, Swahili, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Spanish. Through Title III offerings the lab hopes to increase student interest in non-traditional/critical foreign languages as well as to expand the offerings of “critical” languages to meet workforce and state demands and needs.

Center for Community Justice and Service Learning

Activity Director: Dr. Melissa Barlow
Director for Community Justice and Service Learning
Funding Level: $86,435

The Center for Community Justice and Service Learning proposed here will be a primary vehicle for promoting student development in the area of ethics and civic engagement, for achieving the FSU strategic priority to collaborate for service, service learning and outreach, and for fulfilling our mission as an engaged university. The proposal presented here is to develop a Center for Community Justice and Service Learning as an extension of Fayetteville State University’s Institute for Community Justice.  The Center will provide a mechanism to support the development of service learning courses and to increase faculty and student engagement in community service to neighborhoods hard hit by poverty, crime, arrest, incarceration and prisoner reentry.  The major goals of the Center are to foster an ethic of civic engagement among students, to provide community organizations with individuals to help meet community needs, and to enhance faculty development through rewarding service learning experiences. 

Support for Accreditation Compliance Self-Study (SACS)

Activity Director: Dr. Marion Gillis-Olion
Professor and SACS Liaison/Self-Study Director
Funding Level: $63,587

Fayetteville State University is scheduled to submit its Compliance Report in support of reaffirmation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in September, 2010.  The purpose of this activity is to provide support for the self-study process that precedes the preparation of the compliance audit.  Support is needed to establish an office, provide in service training vis a vis the SACS Annual Meeting, provide support for an on-campus consultant for the university-wide pre-school conference, provide resource materials for the compliance audit committees, and secure the services of a technologist to coordinate the population and development of a website for internal and external communications.  The goal of the activity is to ensure the campus is fully informed of current accreditation issues and requirements and how those requirements are applied which will lead to the quality of academic programs that can be attested to by the regional accreditation body, SACS.

Technology and Professional Development Integration Initiative

Activity Director: Ms. Helene Cameron
Director of Career Services
Funding Level: $137,000

The Office of Career Services at Fayetteville State University is on a mission to provide the highest quality and level of service for students, employers, alumni and faculty. In an effort to enhance the quality of service provided, the Office of Career Services proposes the Technology and Professional Development Integration Initiative (TPDII). The goal of the TPDII will be to integrate technology and professional development activities into the career development program by promoting a seamless integration of services and information sharing among students, faculty, staff, employers and alumni.  The ultimate goal of the TPDII is to increase the usage, understanding and ease of services provided by the office.

Increasing Participation in Institutional Improvement

Activity Director: Dr. Perry Massey
Senior Associate VC for Academic Affairs
Funding Level: $100,000

This activity provides support for faculty development activities that will enable faculty to contribute positively. In the 2008-2009 academic year, FSU completed a strategic planning process that included faculty, staff, students, members of the Board of Trustees, and other external stakeholders.  The result was a comprehensive plan that will guide FSU’s development for the next five years that encompasses six general areas: Retention and Graduation Rates, Economic Transformation, Intellectual and Cultural Center, Leadership and Global Citizens, Collaborations and Partnerships and Fiscal Resourcefulness and Sustainability. The successful implementation of this plan requires full involvement of the faculty.  Hence, this activity will support faculty development efforts that are linked to the priorities outlined in the strategic plan.  Funds will be provided to support on-campus workshops, seminars, webinars as well as travel to conferences and workshops that will enable faculty to contribute to institutional improvement efforts guided by the Strategic Plan. All faculty who request funds from this activity must explain how the activity serves the university’s strategic plan and all who receive funds will be required to 1) share information with colleagues to support departmental improvement efforts and 2) report on how the activity has had an impact on improvement efforts.

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