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Core Curriculum Review

In Fall 2004 the University College Advisory Board voted to establish a Core Review Committee, which was charged to review the University College Core Curriculum and report back to the Board. The Core Review process culminated in a set of Core Student Learning Outcomes that were approved by the Faculty Senate in December 2007, then by the Provost and Chancellor.

Core Review History and Documents 
Date Item Documents (in .pdf format
10/14/04 University College Advisory Board meeting establishing a Core Review Committee
12/08/04 Core Review Committee consultative meeting with department chairs
02/09/05 Core Review Committee meeting
02/24/05 Core Review Committee meeting
05/20-24/05 Core Review Team participation in AAC&U Institute on General Education
09/13/05 Core Review Committee meeting
09/22/05 Core Review Team meeting
10/14/05 Core Review Team meeting
11/01/05 Core Review Team meeting
10/26 - 11/19 2005 Liberal Learning Symposium
11/29/05 Core Review Committee Meeting
12/07/05 Core Review Committee Meeting
3/16/06 Core Review Committee Meeting
3/24/06 University College Advisory Board
5/11/06 University College Advisory Board
12/8/06 Editorial Reconciliation Committee
1/3/07 Editorial Reconciliation Committee
1/17/07 Editorial Reconciliation Committee
3/26/07 Editorial Reconciliation Committee
4/3/07 University College Advisory Board
10/23/07 University College Advisory Board
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