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Transitional Studies

Learning Outcome: Upon completion of transitional studies courses students will be able to demonstrate skills they need for a successful transition to university life.

Rationale:  Transitioning to university life is a challenge for many students. Transitional studies courses help the students develop the skills they need to ease this transition. These courses help the students develop the physical, mental, organizational, and financial skills necessary for success at the university and beyond.

Requirement* (4 cr)

  1. University Studies (2 cr). Select two credits of the following:
    • UNIV 101-102, Freshman Seminar I-II. For students entering as first-time freshmen.
    • UNIV 110, University Studies. For students entering as transfer students with fewer than 30 credit hours. (Transfer students entering with 30 or more credit hours are exempt from the University Studies requirement.)
  2. Life Skills (2 cr). Select two credits of the following:
    • FINC 100, Financial Literacy
    • GEOG 110, Environmental Literacy
    • HEED 112, Health and Wellness
    • PEDU 101, Swimming
    • PEDU 107, Weight Training
    • PEDU 112, Golf
    • PEDU 120, Tennis and Badminton
    • PEDU 122, Volleyball
    • PEDU 130, Basketball
    • PEDU 132, Bowling
    • PEDU 140, Conditioning Exercise
*Courses listed are subject to change. The official list of requirements will be contained in the 2013-2014 FSU Undergraduate Catalog.
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