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Information found at this website is subject to change. This is particularly true  for minimum score requirements as well as for test fees and dates which often vary from year to year.

About Us

This website provides information about testing programs conducted at Fayetteville State University for educational purposes. It contains valuable information for prospective students, for currently enrolled students, and for other individuals interested in participating in one of the credit by examination programs or one of the many nationally administered testing programs.

University Testing Services is open to all FSU students, and also offers many services to residents of our surrounding communities. The Center administers exams for the purpose of admissions, class placement, graduation competency, licenses, credentials and professional certification. Services provided to incoming and registered students include the SAT, MAT, ACCUPLACER, and College BASE and a variety of departmental exit and placement exams. In addition to the services offered to FSU students, University Testing Services administers entrance exams required by professional schools such as the LSAT, and certification examinations for teachers such as the PRAXIS.

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