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Rising Junior Exam


The "Rising Junior Exam," is designed to assess students' learning in the general education core. Fayetteville State University requires any student who enrolled at FSU as a first-time freshman to take "rising junior" exam when they are sophomores. (A sophomore has earned 40 to 60 college-level hours, including credit by examination).  If you have reached 60 college-level hours, you must take the test in order to be unconditionally admitted to your junior year. College BASE is used to fulfill the Rising Junior examination requirement.

Students who are eligible to sit for the rising junior examination will receive communication from the University College concerning examination date, time, location and registration deadline. FSU makes every effort to notify sophomores when they are eligible to take the Rising Junior Exam. Eligible students who have not been notified should contact University College or University Testing Services. It is the responsibility of each student to make the necessary arrangements to be present for the exam as scheduled. For additional details, contact University Testing Services, (910) 672-1299.

* The"rising junior" assessment is made possible with funds from a Title III Grant.

The PRAXIS Series

Praxis 1 is the rising junior examination for students anticipating admission to a Teacher Education Program. Before being officially admitted to teacher education, a student must pass Praxis 1, the PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test).

The PPST Praxis Tests are designed to measure the academic achievement and basic proficiency of students being formally admitted or enrolled in teacher education programs. Praxis 1 consists of three tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

Praxis 1 is administered in both computer-based and paper format. For registration materials and information on test dates and fees, contact University Testing Services at (910) 672 -1301. 

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