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Women's History Month

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Ms. Reanae McNeal

Ms. Reanae McNealReanae McNeal is an international performing artist, inspirational speaker, acclaimed vocalist, and oral "herstorian." She is also a visual artist, storyteller, performance art poet and cultural activist.  She has been proudly called an "Edu-tainer" for her ability both to educate and entertain her audiences.  She is a highly sought after inspirational speaker and her favorite motto is "when we reach our dreams, we serve our purpose." McNeal has lectured extensively on how race, sex, and class issues play a role in the oppression of women, especially, African American women. Much of the power of Ms. McNeal's performance comes from her ability to connect with her audience and, through interaction and participation, to form an emotional bond between the characters and the audience.  Ms. McNeal has written several plays and has won awards for both her plays and her poetry.  She has performed throughout Russia, Hungary, and Italy.

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