University Publications

University Publications supports the overall mission of Fayetteville State University's academic and administrative units through design and production of campus-wide marketing, promotional and recruitment materials. This includes communicating the strength and integrity of the institution to both internal and external audiences in support of the University Branding and Marketing Plan.

What We Do

University Publications and Marketing excel at projects that require a combination of original design, writing, photography and printing, to meet clients' expectations for quality, sophistication and deadlines. Department team members are available as consultants on all projects that ultimately promote FSU to the public and on campus. Examples of our work include FS&U Magazine and the Annual Report.

How We Work

Before contacting University Publications, you should have a general sense of the scope of your publication, such as:

  • Will you need writing, editing, design and/or photography?
  • What publications format best suits your objectives-brochure, booklet, etc.?
  • What is your overall printing budget?
  • When do you need delivery?

This last question is paramount, as the creative and production process can span from 3-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your job. Once you have assessed these questions, you will have the necessary information for University Publications to get started.