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The mission of the Division of Academic Affairs is to ensure that a quality educational experience is available to students who enroll at Fayetteville State University.


About the Department

Division Goals and Outcomes

The goals of the Division of Academic Affairs, along with related outcomes (linkable), are as follows:

GOAL 1 - Academic Quality: To develop and maintain high quality academic programs that combine strong liberal-arts foundations with specialized skills and knowledge to prepare graduates for successful careers; responsible citizenship; leadership roles; and physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

GOAL 2 - Degree Attainment: To increase the number of citizens in the region and state who have earned high-quality baccalaureate or graduate degrees, licenses, certificates, and other credentials of learning.

GOAL 3 - Educational Support: To provide student ratings of the quality of interactions with other students, advisors, and staff in administrative offices (Registrar; Financial Aid).

GOAL 4 - Research and Creative Activities: To strengthen research and creative activities that enhance academic programs, student learning experiences, and educational outreach.

GOAL 5 - Community Engagement: To strengthen student learning and improve the quality of the lives of the people of southeastern North Carolina and beyond through educational outreach services and intellectual and cultural programs.

GOAL 6- Continuous Improvement: To increase efficiency and effectiveness in Academic Affairs through a systematic and comprehensive process for setting goals, assessing the extent to which goals are achieved, and using the results of assessment for improvement.


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