History of Psychology in Europe 2018

Explore the origins of psychology in Europe and investigate the sensational role that Freud played in the late 19th century.

An Austrian native and graduate of the esteemed University of Vienna, Freud's groundbreaking ideas around psychoanalysis were most influential in London. A short stroll through Freud's home reveals how he and the likes of Carl Jung changed the face of the doctor-patient relationship.

The Department of Psychology organized the first History of Psychology European Tour in May 2016, visiting London and Paris. The tour was led by Dr Daniel Montoya and Dr Whitney Wall and was a great success, with students calling it a "Life changing experience". At that time, students where able to walk in Darwin's steps, visit Sigmund Freud's house and experience a class in a Parisian university, all immersed in a climate of wonder that made learning incredibly easy.

Why Vienna and London?

Psychology, as a discipline, comes from Europe. It was imported into the USA in the beginning of the XX Century.

The discipline, as is practiced and thought in Europe, is very different from American Psychology. For the student, this is a great opportunity to see the close relationship between location, practice and theory.

Cost effective. We are using a pre-designed tour based on the History of Psychology and adding elements of different areas of Psychology to turn it into a capstone course. Designing a custom tour will increase the cost for all students.