Reading Education ( A Level Licensure)

Why Choose to Add On a License in Reading Education?

Do you want to increase your competitiveness and become more qualified in the field of education? If so, this add-on license is for you. The add-on licensure in Reading provides educators with the opportunity to complete the requirements for the North Carolina A-Level Reading License. Candidates who seek an add-on A-level license in Reading must already hold a North Carolina A-level license in a teaching area.

Please visit our Program of Study for additional information.

What Will You Learn?

  • foundations of literacy
  • innovative research-based teaching strategies
  • integrating technology and literacy instruction
  • literacy skills needed in the 21st century
  • literacy development
  • literacy instruction across the grades
  • trends and issues in literacy education
  • diagnosing reading problems
  • literacy assessment
  • teaching reading to culturally diverse students

What Can You Do With a License in Reading Education

  • Reading Specialist (K-12)
  • Reading Teacher (K-12)
  • Instructional/Literacy Coach
  • Curriculum Facilitator/Specialist
  • Interventionist