Advisement and Recruitment Center

Mission: The College of Education Advisement and Recruitment Center (COEARC) is designed to promote fundamental advisement to freshmen and transfer students admitted to Fayetteville State University with an interest in pursuing a degree in an area of teacher education.

Don'Nisha D. Ambrose

I can positively say that the COEARC has made me a better student. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself as a student. This department is impeccable and the staff have always made me feel supported. The COEARC is my family.

Advisement Information

The COEARC's responsibilities are...

  • To advise students in determining education as a major
  • To assist students in understanding and following a pathway from declaration of major through graduation
  • To review programs & provide transcript evaluations to students
  • To encourage students to major in Teacher Education Programs
  • To assist in improving retention and graduation rates
  • To enhance student awareness about educational resources on campus (e.g., PRAXIS Lab, Curriculum & Resource Labs, Tutorial Services)
  • To monitor academic progress, evaluate & re-evaluate academic goals
  • To support all campus club/organization activities

Our Advisement Philosophy- "Appreciative Advisement Model"

Recruitment Information

We visit high school and community college campuses through the academic year to recruit prospective students interested in pursing a degree at Fayetteville State University in the area of Education. We share vital information about admission and program requirements, general financial aid and scholarships, campus resources, student clubs/organizations, and other Major offerings.

Once a student is recruited and accepted into the University, they are referred for formal advisement to complete a program of study and begin their new journey as a Bronco!

Student Survey

Greetings Students!

Your feedback is valued and very important to us, so please tell us about your experience with our office by completing the survey.

COEARC In The Community

The COEARC & Kids!

The COEARC & Kids

Fayetteville State University's College of Education Advisement & Recruitment Center (COEARC) along with a few students from Future Educators' Club visited Westarea Elementary School for their College Apparel Day and Family Movie Night. The Future Educators' Club students provided an array of educational games and activities right before the Family Movie Night and the Westarea students had a blast! The Mustang parents along with other organizations within the community were encouraged to bring their children to watch a family-friendly movie. "The COEARC was there to encourage elementary students to dream big, think about College now, and keep their eyes on The Fayetteville State University College of Education!

"The COEARC supporting educational in the Community!"

Student Story

The COEARC assisted Kevin Brooks, owner of The Barber Parlor on Hay Street, with his annual "Gotcha' Back School Kickoff." Brooks received donations from local businesses in order to provide over 1,700 students with a backpack filled with school supplies. The COEARC volunteered to help fill the backpacks and on Sunday, August 27, it was time to hand them out! The COEARC not only volunteered to pass out the backpacks, but also handed out water to local citizens that came to Festival Park to enjoy the festivities!"


Ms. Latoya Parker-Advisement and Recruitment Center Director and edTPA Coordinator, Phone: 910-672-1607 Email:

Mrs. Beverley Lammie Academic Advisor, Phone: 910-672-2047 Email: