Current Robotics Project

Water Crossing competition

Funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

About the project

One of the challenges faced by our warfighters is crossing a river. They need to be able to deploy a bridge across the water, while simulaneously keeping the area safe from threats. In this competition, we are required to program 3 robots to attempt this water crossing. The "boat" may touch land or water. The "walker" and the "tank" may only touch land. The objective is to create a bridge across a 5 ft. gap using foam blocks using only the boat and the walker. Meanwhile the tank will be required to fire when a threat is present. Once the bridge is completed, the walker and the tank are required to cross the bridge.

Students in the Water Crossing project:

  • Joshua Hilbish
  • Anthony Spendlove
  • Raymond Kimble
  • Candyce Collins
  • Lianis Reyes-Rosa
  • William Flathman
  • Elise Olivolo


A student cutting supports for the water crossing arena


3-d printed parts for one of the robots


One of our students assembling a robot