Project Mayhem

FSU collaboration with Masego and Booz Allen

Funded by Booz Allen and Masego, Inc.

Funded through sub-contract from Booz Allen Inc. through the Mentor Protege Program of the US Department of Defense

About the project

Human Geography (HG) is one of the most complex and dynamic fields of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), and one of the most critical to both tactical and strategic decision-making. HG emphasizes the interaction of people, communities, cultures, and economies in a spatiotemporal context that supports operational planning for military and humanitarian aid and provides decision-advantage to policymakers weighing diplomatic choices within a region. HG information can be as simple as identifying the foreign languages or dialects used from town to town, or as complex as defining areas of potential political instability based on religious conflicts and their effect on surrounding trade and commerce, for example. The goal of this project is to develop and mature a small business’s Advanced Demographic Attribution (ADA) dataset, a human geography dataset. Market research, imagery analysis, geospatial analysis, data analytics, and open source research are being done to develop and test the ADA dataset. Specific tasks include performing market research to identify comparable HG capabilities and service offerings across industry and academia relative to the small business’s ADA dataset. Findings are analyzed, and the strengths and weaknesses of ADA assessed. More advanced tasks include imagery analysis, geospatial analysis, and data analytics to support ongoing ADA HG operations, collecting and exploiting information, and populating the ADA database.

Students in the Water Crossing project:

  • Alfie Frederick
  • Joshua Hilbish
  • Elise Olivolo
  • Christina Rodriguez
  • Gemini Moore

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