Language Labs

The Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures is an award-winning department with award-winning faculty. We specialize in teaching a wide range of communication and language courses, focusing on hands-on experiences and professional training for our approximately 150 student majors. The Department oversees state-of-the-art facilities, including the student newspaper, radio station, a TV studio, and modern production computer labs.

The Department's two Foreign Language Labs provide audio, video, language learning system, computer facilities and equipment for foreign language teaching and learning. The Lab staff assist in the preparation of instructional materials and offer training and consultation to faculty in applying new language instructional technologies. The Labs are located in Butler Building 386 and J. Knuckles Building 201.

Language Faculty
  • Dr. Hongbing Zhang
  • Dr. Timothy Ajani
  • Dr. Timothy Buckner
  • Dr. Jose Franco-Rodriguez
  • Dr. Lenora Hayes
  • Monica Mayville (Lead Tutor and Coordinator)
  • Efren Arevalo (Spanish Tutor)
  • Nicol Ayala (Spanish Tutor)
  • Daniel Follett (Spanish Tutor)
  • Ethan Wright (Spanish Tutor)