What is MyCAA

The MyCAA Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of tuition over 2 years to assist eligible military spouses pursue a degree. The scholarship helps military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications or associate degrees necessary to gain employment in high demand, high growth portable career fields and occupations. Spouses may use their MyCAA funds at any academic institution approved for participation in the MyCAA Scholarship.

Who is Eligible

Spouses of active duty service members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2

Spouses of activated Guard and Reserve members at E1-E5, W1-W2 and O1-O2 pay grades (spouses of Guard and Reserve members must be able to start and complete their courses while their sponsor is on Title 10 orders).  Note: The MyCAA program does not include Coast Guard spouses. 

If you are eligible for MyCAA funding and interested in taking career training courses through FSU, please see the information listed below.

  1. To determine if you are eligible for MyCAA benefits, please visit MyCAA Fact Sheet.
  2. Obtain initial approval for MyCAA benefits.
  3. When you are ready to begin the MyCAA approval and registration process, you may register online.
  4. After you have completed your registration, FSU staff will contact you to confirm your course selection and release an education plan to you.
  5. Upload the education plan to the MyCAA Portal for review and approval by MyCAA.
  6. Once your course is approved by MyCAA, a confirmation message will be sent to FSU, and your registration will be finalized.
  7. JER will send you an email detailing course information and how to access the course website prior to your course start date.

Choose from the following MyCAA Approved Programs

Business/Service Careers


Healthcare Careers

Legal Careers