About Graduate Programs

We have affordable and convenient online options as well as traditional on-campus classes.

The organizational structure of graduate programs at Fayetteville State University is a decentralized model. The Broadwell College of Business and Economics, the College of Education, the College of Health, Science, and Technology, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are responsible for the graduate programs within the college. The graduate faculty, program coordinators/directors, department chairs, assistant/associate deans, and the dean of each college are directly responsible to ensure that each degree program is of the highest quality. Each college has a Graduate Programs Committee. The university-wide FSU Graduate Council provides oversight to all graduate programs at the university.

Graduate Program Contacts


Educational Leadership Director: Dr. Landon R. Hadley, (910) 672-2319, lhadley@uncfsu.edu


Criminal Justice (MS): Dr. Karen McElrath, (910) 672-2193, kmcelra1@uncfsu.edu
Elementary Education (MAT): Dr. Brian Phillips, (910) 672-2680, bphilli8@uncfsu.edu
Elementary Education (MEd): Dr. Cynthia Wooten, (910) 672-1721, cwooten@uncfsu.edu
Middle Grades Education Language Arts/Social Studies (MAT & MEd): Dr. Catherine Barrett, (910) 672-1700, cbarrett1@uncfsu.edu  
Middle Grades Education Math/Science (MAT & MEd): Dr. Kimberly Smith-Burton, (910) 672-1182, ksmith@uncfsu.edu
Psychology (MA): Dr. Whitney Wall, (910) 672-1903, wwall1@uncfsu.edu
Reading Education (MEd): Dr. Ashley Holder, (910) 672-1316, aholder@uncfsu.edu 
School Administration (MSA): Dr. Paris Jones, (910) 672-1262, pjones@uncfsu.edu
Secondary Education (MAT & MEd): Dr. Cynthia Shamberger, (910) 672-1181, cshamber@uncfsu.edu
Social Work (MSW): Dr. Quienton L. Nichols, (910) 672-2144, qnichols@uncfsu.edu
Sociology (MA): Dr. Akbar Aghajanian, (910) 672-2927, aaghajanian@uncfsu.edu
Special Education (MAT & MEd): Dr. Bradley Mills, (910) 672-1772, bmills@uncfsu.edu 

Teacher Licensure

Office of Teacher Education
: Dr. Jenny Washington, (910) 672-1587, jwashington@uncfsu.edu 
Administrative Support Associate: Mrs. Kathleen Marsh, (910) 672-1266, kmarsh2@uncfsu.edu  

Art Education: Ms. Vickie Rhoda, (910) 672-1513, vrhoda@uncfsu.edu
Biology Education: Dr. Peter Eley, (910) 672-1515, peley@uncfsu.edu
Birth-Kindergarten Education: Mrs. Jocelyn Smith-Gray, (910) 672-1624, jsmit123@uncfsu.edu
Elementary Education: Dr. Brian Phillips, (910) 672-2680, bphilli8@uncfsu.edu
English as a Second Language: Dr. Ji Young Kim, (910) 672-1417, jkim@uncfsu.edu
Health and Physical Education: Dr. Peter Eley, (910) 672-1515, peley@uncfsu.edu
Mathematics Education: Dr. Peter Eley, (910) 672-1515, peley@uncfsu.edu 
Music Education: Dr. Denise Payton, (910) 672-1457, dpayton1@uncfsu.edu
Reading Education: Dr. Ashley Holder, (910) 672-1316, aholder@uncfsu.edu
Secondary EducationDr. Peter Eley, (910) 672-1515, peley@uncfsu.edu
Spanish Education: Dr. Jose Franco-Rodriguez, (910) 672-1379, jfranco@uncfsu.edu

Professional Development

Advisor: Ms. Cheryl McGhee, (910) 672-1229, cmghee@uncfsu.edu

Graduate Council and Committees

Graduate Council Chair: Dr. Alison Van Nyhuis, Director of Graduate Council and Program Review, (910) 672-2506, avannyhu@uncfsu.edu: Completed materials (graduate faculty applications, academic proposals, etc.), with all signatures up to the Graduate Council Chair (Department Chair, Dean, etc.), must be submitted to the Graduate Council on Friday, 10 days before the Graduate Council meeting during which the materials are to be considered.
Graduate Council Graduate Catalog Committee ChairMs. Sarah D. Baker, University Registrar, (910) 672-1918, sdbaker@uncfsu.edu
Graduate Council Graduate Faculty Applicaton Committee ChairDr. Petur O. Jonsson, MBA Interim Director, (910) 672-1984, pjonsson@uncfsu.edu 
Broadwell College of Business and Economics Graduate Programs Committee ChairDr. Petur O. Jonsson, MBA Interim Director, (910) 672-1984, pjonsson@uncfsu.edu
College of Education Graduate Programs Committee Chair: Dr. Ereka R. Williams, Associate Dean, (910) 672-1667, ewilliams6@uncfsu.edu
College of Health, Science, and Technology Graduate Programs Committee ChairDr. Valentin Milanov, (910) 672-2202, vmilanov@uncfsu.edu
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Programs Committee Chair: Dr. Miriam DeLone, Assistant Dean, (910) 672-2271, mdelone@uncfsu.edu