MSL221 Leader's Training Course

The Leader's Training Course is the Army's 2-year ROTC Program entry point. Through the Leader's Training Course, students without ROTC Basic Course experience can examine the Army without incurring an obligation, and qualify for Advanced Course entry. The Army observes these students and determines their officer potential in a leadership oriented, challenging, and motivating 5-week training program at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

MSL321 Cadet Leadership Course

The Cadet Leadership Course, conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky, provides the best possible, professional training and evaluation for all cadets. Set this same example for cadets in all aspects of camp life, administration and logistical support. Although the camp mission includes continued training and leadership development, the primary focus at camp is to evaluate each cadet's officer potential. This camp represents the only opportunity for this command to gather all cadets on one "level playing field" for the purposes of making this assessment as accurately and as professionally as possible.