Military Science Level II

All course descriptions carry behind the name and number a parenthesis ( ) indicating the credit hours, lecture hours, and the lab hours per week.

MSL 201 (3-3-2) Leadership and Decision Making: MSL 201 explores the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by examining team dynamics and two historical leadership theories that form the basis of the Army leadership framework. The key objective of this semester is to continue to develop critical thinking skills necessary to making decisions based on information. Additionally, this course will continue to develop knowledge of the Army's leadership philosophies and integrate this knowledge into tactical strategies and team development. Aspects of personal motivation and team building are practiced planning, executing and assessing team exercises. While participation in the leadership labs is not mandatory during the MSL II year, significant experience can be gained in a multitude of areas and participation in the labs is highly encouraged. The focus continues to build on developing knowledge of the leadership attributes and core leader competencies through the understanding of Army rank, structure, and duties as well as broadening knowledge of land navigation and squad tactics. Case studies will provide a tangible context for learning the Soldier's Creed and Warrior Ethos. Fall semester only (3 hr)

MSL 202 (3-3-4)Army Doctrine and Team Development: MSL 202 examines the challenges of leading teams in the complex operational environment. The course highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and operation orders. The key learning objective of this semester is to explore leadership incorporating terrain analysis, tactical strategies, and team development. Critical thinking skills will continue to be the focus of MSL 202 along with further study of the theoretical basis of the Army Leadership Requirements Model explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations. MSL 202 prepares Cadets for MSL 301. Cadets develop greater self-awareness as they assess their own leadership styles and practice communication and team building skills. Case studies give insight into the importance and practice of teamwork and tactics in real-world scenarios. Spring semester only (3 hr)