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BroncoConnect is a user-friendly software that connects students with campus resources and campus resources with each other. BroncoConnect is the FSU branding for a suite of products from Starfish by Hobsons.  

For more information and help with BroncoConnect, visit the Frequently Asked Questions pages for

BroncoConnect facilitates connections by

  • Allowing instructors to raise flags on students if they have concerns about attendance or performance in their classes.  Flags are immediately sent to students, advisors, and other campus student success professionals. BroncoConnect also allows instructors to provide positive reinforcement through kudos for good work or improvement.
  • Enabling advisors to filter advisees based on flags raised or other risk criteria (e.g., cumulative GPA).  Advisors can set up appointments with advisees and record the results of those advising communications.  Advisors can set up success plans for at-risk advisees and track their use of success plans.
  • Alerting students to flags raised on them and informing them of campus resources available to assist them.   Students can make appointments for academic support, advising, or other resources directly from their portal.
  • Permitting student success units such as academic support programs to set up and manage their services, from tutors to appointments. Coordinators can attach their services to specific courses, so that when students or instructors log in to BroncoConnect, they will automatically see the services relevant to them.

BroncoConnect is available to every FSU student, instructor, and staff member.  BroncoConnect is accessible three ways:

  1. Log into Canvas, click Account, click Profile, and click the link to BroncoConnect; OR
  2. Log into the FSU Engage portal, and in the QuickLinks secgtion, click the link to Advising; OR
  3. Log directly into the BroncoConnect portal.