Second Year Initiative

Sophomore In Sync

Sophomore In Sync is designed to help you make a successful transition to the next phase of your academic career, whether you are a third-semester freshman still deciding on a major or a fifth-semester sophomore taking your first upper-division courses in your major.

Sophomore In Sync includes any FSU student who 

  • Started at FSU as a first-time freshman
  • Has been enrolled at FSU for more than two semesters
  • Has earned fewer than 60 hours

How can Sophomore In Sync help you?

Sophomore Year Success Plan. Each sophomore is assigned a success plan in BroncoConnect. Your success plan maps out steps you can take to set and reach your goals this year.

Advising Check-Ins.  Check in with your advisor periodically to let him/her know how you are doing. You can also get a heads-up on any relevant information from your advisor. A check-in does not have to be in person.  You can check in by e-mail or phone.

Major/Career Events. You will have access to major and career activities tailored to sophomores.

Campus Engagement Activities. You will be able to take advantage of a variety of activities to connect with faculty, staff, and other sophomores.

Upcoming Event:

Advisor Mix & Mingle Flyer

ISSA Major 

Check your e-mail for upcoming Sophomore In Sync information and events.  

 Sophomore In Sync Team