FSU Innovations

Technology Transfer at Fayetteville State University is handled through the FSU-Research Office. The Research Office is dedicated to protecting and commercializing intellectual property, in a manner beneficial to the researcher, the university and society.

Technology Transfer services include:

  • Transfer of Technology or Ideas from place to place - this includes the transfer of research data both to and from FSU, whether grant funded or non-funded
  • Commercialization of Technology
  • Commercial Licensing
  • Research Commercialization
  • Patent Filing

Patents at Fayetteville State University:


1 10,045,540 Pest control composition 
2 9,537,077 Method for production of high figure of merit thermoelectric materials 
3 8,841,539 High efficiency thermoelectric device 
4 8,782,949 Silica based plant growth medium 
5 8,516,741 Silica based plant growth medium  

Patents Pending:

  • Agro-Tiling Composition for Extreme Environments
  • Product for Oil Pollution Remediation

Presentation/Articles for Patents Pending and Patents Issued:

Whatever is your heating device, just a small amount of it, you cover it with this thermoelectric and you produce more electricty than you need.
Dr. Daryush Ila
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