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Acceptance of Transfer Credits

Transfer student transcripts will be evaluated on the basis of the following policies:

  1. All transfer credits for courses that can be applied to any FSU degree program and in which a student earned a grade of C or higher will be accepted. Students may appeal exclusions of transfer credits within one year of enrollment. Appeals should be directed to the appropriate academic department. 
  2. Full credit will be awarded only for courses in which a grade of C or higher was earned and are non-remedial or non-developmental.
  3. Transfer credits will be used to fulfill program requirements or as electives at the discretion of the appropriate department chair and dean.
  4. Credentials for transfer students will be officially evaluated only after an applicant has been accepted and all official transcript(s) have been received.
  5. Grades transferred from other institution(s) are not considered in computing the grade point average at Fayetteville State University.
  6. No more than 64 hours of credit will be awarded for credits earned at a two-year institution unless otherwise authorized by a specific dual enrollment or articulation agreement.

The North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) between the University of North Carolina System and North Carolina Community College System takes precedence over bilateral articulation agreements previously established between Fayetteville State University and North Carolina Community Colleges. The university will accept transfer credits in accordance with the CAA relative to the General Education transfer core; for graduates with the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree. Transfer credit for the Fine Arts and Applied Science degree courses, general education core courses for non-graduates, and transfer courses not originated at North Carolina Community Colleges will be awarded on a course-by-course basis according to Section V of the CAA.


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