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Transfer Students FAQ

  • I do not want to transfer credits from my previous college, can I just turn in my other transcripts?

    • Our policy states that we must have official transcripts from every college, even if you do not plan on transferring the credits. Part of the admission requirements is a 2.0 average cumulative gpa from all institutions attended so we will need each transcript to make an admission decision. Also, an accepted student is unable to be advised prior to registering for classes if they have not submitted official transcripts from each institution.

  • I only took 3 credits so I want to apply as a freshman.

    • You must apply as a transfer student since you are no longer a first-time freshman. Once you are accepted, you may be classified as a freshman.

  • Do I need to turn in my high school transcript?

    • If you are over the age of 21 you do not need to submit your high school transcript.

  • Do I need to submit my SAT/ACT scores?

    • Typically speaking, if you have 12 or more college level credit hours, you will not need to submit your scores. However, each applicant is unique and we may ask for your scores after reviewing your high school and college transcripts to help us make an admission decision. If you are over the age of 21 or have a degree, we will not need your SAT scores.

  • Are there a minimum number of college credits I must complete before applying to FSU?

    • Nope! We do not require a certain number of credits - however, sometimes upon reviewing an application, we may contact you to inform you of any admission requirements that may pertain to your situation. If you do not meet our high school course requirements you may be asked to take specific college courses, or if you have taken developmental courses and did not meet our high school requirements we may request additional college credits. Students can speak with a transfer counselor if they would like to discuss their unique situations.

  • I'd like to talk with someone about the criminal justice program (or psychology or biology, etc.).

    • We can discuss the FSU admission process with you, as well as give you a general overview of the academic program. If you have specific questions about a certain program or major we can refer you to the appropriate person in the department who will be better equipped to assist you.   

  • I already have a bachelor's degree but just want to take a class or two for teaching certification, graduate school prerequisites, etc. Can I apply as a special visiting student or transfer student?

    • If you have at least a Bachelor's degree and desire to take undergraduate courses for reasons other than earning a second undergraduate degree, you must apply as a Professional Development student through our Graduate Admissions Office.

  • Can someone look at my transcripts and let me know what classes will transfer?

    • Due to the high number of applicants, the Office of Admissions is unable to provide transcript evaluation. Students will learn of their transfer credits after they have been accepted to FSU once the Registrar's Office evaluates the transcripts and awards transfer credits. When you receive your admission letter, you will also receive contact information for an academic advisor who will be able to assist you in discussing your transfer credit evaluation.

  • I've been accepted - what is my next step?

    • Congratulations! You need to contact your academic advisor to discuss your transfer credits, declare a major, receive your alternate pin number, and register for classes. Provide student with contact information for appropriate advisor.

  • I am interested in applying for the online degree program. What application do I submit?

    • There is a specific ODC application found here: Application.pdf that you can complete. You also have the option to complete the main application  but please make sure to specify you are interested in ODC.  Please be aware that to apply to the Online Degree Completion Program, you will go through two separate application review processes. Once we receive all required documents, we will work to make an admission decision. Once a decision is made in our office, we will forward your file to the ODC program who will ensure you meet their specific admission requirements. Once both offices have completed their review of your application you will receive a letter in the mail informing you of our decision.


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