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Year 2 – Sophomore Year: Career Exploration and Investigation Activities
  • Declare a Major if you did not your Freshman Year.
  • Review the curriculum guide for chosen major.
  • See your advisor to discuss mid-term grades.  Plan for registration, final grades and adjustment to your schedule.
  • Schedule an appointment with a career services counselor to bring yourself up-to-date on what’s needed in your career file.
  • Update your resume and have it critiqued at Career Services.
  • Begin a cooperative education program and consider internship, summer, and school-break job opportunities that relate to your interests.
  • Continue exploring your academic interested through a variety of courses.
  • Explore at least one book on career options available to you through your major.
  • Learn about career options in the various majors by talking with professionals in those areas.
  • "Shadow"- spend a day on the job with a person in a career that interests you.
  • Review your progress in learning four (or more) skills employers look for in new hires.
  • Continue talking to family, friends, peers, counselors, professors, ext. about your career choices.
  • Research various occupations in Job Choices, Occupational Outlook Handbook at or other materials in the FSU Library.
  • Attend on-campus career and job fairs and employer information sessions that relate to your interest.
  • Identify organizations and associations in your interest areas for shadowing opportunities and informational interviews.
  • Join at least one professional or honorary organization related to your major in order to make contact with people in the professional world.
  • Work toward one leadership position in a university club or activity.
  • Begin to collect recommendations form previous and current employers.
  • Put together an interview outfit.
  • Investigate international programs and study aboard programs.
  • Keep up with current events by reading the newspaper and watching the news.
  • Attend ALL activities sponsored by Career Services.
  • Write the answers to the following three key questions and place them in your career action plan file:
    • What do I have to offer an employer?
    • Who needs what I have to offer?
    • How do I make them want me?
Summer Vacation After Sophomore Year
  • Get a summer job; continue to earn expenses and build a good work reputation and work reference.
  • Develop job-related and computer skills.
  • Develop maturity and knowledge about the workplace and what it takes to achieve success.


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