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Advisement and Transfer

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Advisement for Continuing Students

You must consult with your officially assigned advisor to discuss your selected courses before you register. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can obtain this information from Banner:

  • Instructions on how to find your advisor information in Banner.

If no advisor has been assigned to you, please go to the following locations for assistance:  

  • If you are an undeclared first-time freshman, go to University College, Helen T. Chick Building, Room 103, 672-1060.
  • If you are a militray affiliated student, go to Fort Bragg Campus, 4520 Knoz Street, Suite 102, Wing B on Fort Bragg, 672-2965.
  • If you are a special visiting or professional development student, go to Special Visiting, School of Business and Econonics Building, Room 130, 672-1229.
  • If you have transfer credits:
    • decided on a major, go to the department of your intended major
    • undecided, go to Science and Technology, Room 110, 672-2571.
  • If you have declared your major, go to the department of your intended major.
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