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Registration FAQ

1. What do I have to do to register for classes?

  1. You must be admitted to the university. If you have never attended Fayetteville State University or if you have attended in the past, but have not been enrolled for one or more semesters, you must go to the Office of Admissions to complete an application for admission (or re-admission.)
  2. You must clear all holds (i.e., student health services, outstanding bills. You can obtain information about holds in your on-line Banner account.
  3. All students are expected to see an advisor prior to registration.  First-time admitted students are expected to attend First Steps to register for courses. Students with a GPA of less than 2.0 will have a registration hold on their accounts, which will be removed only when an advisor confirms tht the student has been advised. 
  4. Register on-line using the Banner system.
  5. Note that if you have more than 60 earned hours, you will be blocked from registering I you have not declared your major.

2. How do I find out who my advisor is? Call (910) 672-1251 if you are a first-time freshman; call (910) 672-2571 if you have transfer hours but are undecided about a major; call (910) 672-2965 if you are a military affliated student; call (910) 672-1229 if you are a special visiting or professional development student; or contact your major department if you have transfer credits or have declared a major.

3. Where do I find out about course offerings for the semester? Real-time information is available under “Class Schedule” on the main Banner login menu.

4. An instructor issued a registration permit to me. Why am I not on the roster? The instructor’s permit does not automatically enroll you in a class. The permit allows you to register using the normal procedure.

5. I am taking an on-line course and am enrolled in the Blackboard site, so I must be officially registered for the class. No, unfortunately, access to the Blackboard site is not dependent upon official enrollment in the class. To make sure you are officially enrolled check your schedule in your on-line Banner account.

6. I pre-registered, but have now discovered that I will not be able to attend. FSU will automatically drop me. Right? No. If you are registered for the semester, you are responsible for taking action to cancel your registration. Before the end of late registration, you can do so by dropping all classes in your on-line Banner account. After late registration, to withdraw from all of your classes you must complete the official university withdrawal process. If you fail to complete this process, you will be expected to pay your bill for the semester and you may receive failing grades in your classes.

7. How do I know what I owe the university for the semester? When is my payment due? What happens if I don’t pay by the deadline? As soon as you register, your bill is posted in the Banner for Students under “Account Summary.” Be sure to check the registration timeline to determine the deadline for bill clearance. If you do not pay your bill – or at least make your minimum required payment -- by the deadline, your registration will be canceled and, if you are living on campus, you will be required to move out of your residence hall.

8. Since I have financial aid, do I need to worry about being dropped for not paying my bill? Your bill will be covered only if you have received a financial aid award letter indicating that your award exceeds your total bill. If you have not filed your financial aid application (FAFSA) by the appropriate deadlines, you should be prepared to pay at least your minimum payment. Please see “How does Financial Aid work” for additional information.

9. When I tried to register, I found out that I was on academic suspension and the deadline for appeal has already passed. Why didn’t someone tell me that I needed to appeal? As a student, you are responsible for remaining aware of your academic status. You may easily check your grades through the Banner; appeal procedures are outlined in the University Catalog. Lack of knowledge of your academic status will not be accepted as a justification for failing to meeting deadlines for appeals.

10. Why didn’t someone tell me that one of the classes I had registered for had been canceled? The Registrar will send an email message to all students in classes that are canceled. The email will go to your FSU campus email. The Financial Aid Office, Bursar, and other offices will communicate with you via your FSU email address. Please check your FSU email account on a regular basis to make sure you keep up with important information about campus events.

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