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University Rights

The university shall have rights and responsibilities as are necessary and desirable for the university to achieve its purposes. The institution specifically reserves the right to:

  1. Establish regulations concerning the use and abuse of university property and to assess students with claims of damage for such abuse.
  2. Withhold transcripts of credit until all claims have been paid.
  3. Dismiss, in absence of specific regulations, any student at any time for cause deemed by the university to be in the best interest of the student's emotional or physical safety or the well-being of the university community.
  4. Establish traffic regulations on campus, provide for registration of all vehicles using the campus, and enforce such regulations. Automobile Restriction: All motorized vehicles to be parked on the campus must be registered with the University Police.
  5. Control and regulate the housing of students on campus.
  6. Establish or institute honor systems and ethical practice codes.
  7. Supervise the scheduling of meetings and activities of student organizations.
  8. Enter, inspect, and search for contraband, stolen articles and such in the room of any students in university owned housing facilities, when probable cause is established.
  9. Make any changes in the University Calendar, the Schedule of Classes or in any other section of this publication as is deemed necessary for the good of the university family.
A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina