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Department of Performing and Fine Arts

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Mission Statements

The Department of Performing and Fine Arts

The primary mission of the Department of Performing and Fine Arts is to produce graduates in the performing and fine arts – music, dance, theater, visual arts – that will be leaders in their respective fields and its advocate. The Department is also committed to building community through the arts by being a resource for performing and fine arts pedagogy, cultivating a climate where creativity flourishes, engaging the community with the arts, and making the arts accessible to all. 


The Department of Performing and Fine Arts will be the cultural and intellectual center for Fayetteville and its environs.


The primary mission of the music unit at Fayetteville State University is to produce music educators and to prepare graduates that can make significant contributions to the music profession in all its polysemy. To this end, the music unit shall provide: appropriate and relevant curricula, faculty that are informed and dedicated, and a variety of ensemble experiences that are inclusive of all musical style periods and genres. The music unit aspires to enhance the quality of life of the individual and that of a diverse community by: being a center and resource for teacher excellence in music education, enriching the communities’ quality of life via concerts and other music activities, providing life-long learning experiences with music, and promoting a climate for scholarly engagement with music and its sister arts. In general, the music unit seeks to create a greater appreciation of music’s power to inform, enrich, inspire.


The theatre program’s mission is to serve as an artistic, intellectual, and multi-cultural resource for the communities and institutions of southeast North Carolina and beyond. As an educational center, the student’s talents will be continually developed through performance and production techniques based on a comprehensive education in the history, theory, and craft of theater. We seek to produce graduates who value artistic collaboration and will be leaders in their field and its advocate.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts faculty is dedicated to providing a comprehensive undergraduate education in the visual arts. The program is committed to the preparation of every Art Major with superior training and technical knowledge necessary to launch careers in the fine arts and art education. The students will gain exposure to global perspectives in visual culture and opportunities to engage in critical thinking and analysis of works of art. Students will be further prepared for future challenges through experience in the professional presentation and defense of their creative work.


A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina