Fayetteville State University combines small class sizes, renowned professors, an active campus life, and a diverse, vibrant student body to give you the dynamic undergraduate experience that will be the basis for the rest of your life.


A few things about our application:

  • FSU's Undergraduate Application for Admission is available online through CFNC.
  • You will be able to pay the non-refundable $40 application fee at the end of the application.
  • If you graduated from a high school in North Carolina, you will also be able to use CFNC to submit your official high school transcript.


BroncoVille is your online admission portal, which will take you from submitting your application through enrollment.

You can use your BroncoVille account to:

  • Keep up with everything that is happening at FSU before you've even applied.
  • Schedule a campus tour.
  • Check your application status and even view your admission decision.
  • Keep track of your enrollment steps after admission.

What kind of applicant are you?


If you have not taken any college classes since graduating from high school, you will apply as a freshman.

Early College

If you will graduate from a Cooperative Innovative High School or Early College High School in North Carolina and simultaneously earn an associate degree, you will have the choice to apply as either a first-year student or a transfer student.

Please review the differences carefully before applying.


With the exception of courses taken the summer after graduating high school, if you have enrolled in a college since graduating from high school, you are considered a transfer student.

Online Degree Completion

FSU offers 10 undergraduate online degree completion programs. If you have completed the University College Core Curriculum or are dual-enrolled with a partnering community college, you may apply to complete your upper-division (junior and senior level courses) online through an ODC program.

Please note that admission to the university does not guarantee admission to an ODC program.


If you have previously attended FSU but have not been enrolled for either a fall or spring semester, you are considered a readmit student.

Please note, if you have graduated from FSU and wish to take additional classes as an undergraduate, you will need to submit a new application as either a second degree seeking or professional development student. You are not considered a readmit student.


If you do not hold United States citizenship or resident alien status, you are considered an international student.

Visiting Student

If you would like to take courses at FSU for reasons other than earning a degree (such as to transfer credit to your home institution, professional development, or personal interest), you are considered a special visiting student.