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Faculty Research

Name Research Interests

Samer M. Abubakr

Soil ecosystem contaminants,nitrate reducing and denitrifying bacteria.

Shirley L. Chao

Toxicology, Entomology, Pesticide development, Neurotoxicology
Valeria P. Fleming Biology, Biotechnology
Abdelmajid Kassem Plant Genetics and Genomics. Genetic and QTL mapping of important agronomic traits in major crops.
Jonas E. Okeagu Biology
James E. Raynor, Jr. Cell Biology
Stephen J. Salek Animal behavior, Endocrinology, Educational technology
Phil Senter Dinosaur paleobioogy, Dinosaur forelimb function, Vestigial biological structures
Lieceng Zhu Molecular Mechanism of Plant resistance to parasites and plant-parasite interactions
A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina