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Ms. Natalia Czado

Ms. Natalia Czado

Office:STB 323
Phone: (910)  672-2304



Ms. Czado has a broad range of interests in the forensic sciences. She has interned with the City-County Bureau of Identification and the San Diego Police Department Forensic Biology Unit. She currently focuses on forensic science research. Ms. Czado's research interests include DNA degradation and alternate markers for human identification. She has completed previous research utilizing bi-allelic markers, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and Insertion/Deletions (INDELs) to yield more genomic information from degraded samples that failed to yield a traditional short tandem repeat (STR) profile. She has experience working with cadavers and sampling their remains, both embalmed and decomposed, for research purposes. Ms. Czado has a manuscript in progress entitled, "The Effectiveness of Various Strategies to Improve DNA Analysis of Formaldehyde-Damaged Tissues from Embalmed Cadavers for Human Identification Purposes", based on her previous research. She presented this research during a poster session at the 2016 American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting. In addition to her DNA research, Ms. Czado utilizes her diverse background in trace evidence, microscopy, forensic anthropology, and crime scene investigation to teach several forensic science courses at FSU. In addition to her role as a lecturer, Ms. Czado is also the faculty advisor for the Forensic Science Club.

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