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Khalid Lodhi
Professor of Biology
Director Forensic Science Program
Office: STB 322
Phone: (910) 672-1650


Ms. Shawnta' Cummings
Academic Advisor
Office: LSA 220
Phone: (910) 672-2625

M-F 9:00 am-11:30 am and 1:30 pm-4:30 pm
*Additional hours available by appointment only.

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The Forensic Science Program

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Forensic science engages students in the application of scientific principles and methods for the evaluation of evidence. The field of forensic science has received extensive exposure in recent years and is now regarded as a highly respected discipline among scientists and criminalists. Forensic science encompasses a wide array of disciplines including criminology, pathology, toxicology, etc. The educational background of professionals in this field is embedded heavily in the natural and behavioral sciences such chemistry, biology, physics, sociology and criminal justice. The mission of the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Forensic Science is to produce technically skilled graduates equipped with the basic foundational science and laboratory problem solving skills necessary for success in the modern crime laboratory, and who will contribute to the advancement of the forensic science community. Students will receive preparation in areas such DNA analysis, forensic chemistry and trace evidence. The program will also provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare reports documenting their findings and laboratory techniques used, and to provide expert witness testimony based on these findings. Upon completion of the Forensic Science program graduates will be prepared to function as forensic scientists and specialists, or for advanced study in areas such as forensic science, biomedical research, medicine and law.                          

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FORENSIC SCIENCE Faculty and Staff
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 Dr. Abdelmajid Kassem,

Professor and Department Chair

Ms. Deborah Keller,

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Shawnta' Cummings,

Academic Advisor

Dr. Khalid Mahmud Lodhi,

Professor/ Program Director 

Ms. Natalia Czado, 


Dr. Lieceng Zhu,

Associate Professor/ Assistant Chair 

Dr. Erin White,

Associate Professor

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