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Does this sound like you?

- I forget due dates.

- I finish my homework but forget to turn it in.

- My class notes leave out lots of information.

- I have a hard time getting started on my schoolwork.

- I can start my work but then I get distracted and don't finish.

- I say what I am thinking, even if it is not my turn to talk.

If any of these sound familiar, you may benefit from Bronco STAR.  Give us a call!


 Yazmin and Brandon


For Students

Bronco STAR is a student support program designed to assist students with Executive Functioning Challenges (EFC) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Executive Function refers to a group of skills that helps us prepare to learn, including the ability to plan, focus, make decisions, self-monitor, and adjust what we are doing as we go, and ADD/ADHD also affect ability to focus attention, stay on task until a job is done, and sometimes control impulsiveness.  Bronco STAR offers a comprehensive package of services designed to assist these students in getting their college degree by maximizing learning opportunities and minimizing unnecessary barriers. 

STAR participants do not have to have a diagnosis or previous IEP, but they do have to be admitted to FSU through the regular admissions process.

Benefits to STAR participants include the following:

Regular meetings with our Academic Success Coach Our success coach wants to know you and help you be successful. She will talk with you about your strengths, aspirations, and passions; help plan your weekly work load; keep you accountable; match you up with appropriate support services, and help you develop and apply your abilities and talents.

Bronco STAR Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs): Our PLAs serve as a bridge between past knowledge and new material, helping fill in what you may have missed or misinterpreted.  The PLAs can work with you one-on-one to allow you to express academic concerns and misunderstandings in a comfortable environment.  If we don't have a PLA for the subject you need help with, we will find one for you!

Technology: Sometimes assistive technology can provide the help to fill in gaps in learning that EFCs and ADD can cause.  Imagine taking notes with a special pen that records everything your teacher is saying and jumps back to it automatically when you review your notes.  Imagine working out math problems on a Surface Pro and then saving the screenshot to your digital notebook for study later.  Imagine software that reads your textbooks for you, or apps that tell you when to study and when to take a break.  These technologies are available through Bronco STAR.

Increased Knowledge:  Because we want to help students maximize their success in all aspects of their lives, we meet regularly to learn about how we learn, to share personal experiences, tips, and feedback, and to practice new forms of assistive technology.  These informal group discussions allow you and our staff to better understand the big picture so you can move forward toward your individual goals in the smartest possible ways. 

Find out more:
The Bronco STAR program accepts participants throughout the academic year through a very simple application process.  For more information, contact us at or 910-672-1506.

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