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BroncoConnect for Faculty/Advisors

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BroncoConnect For Instructors/Advisors

Instructors and advisors can use BroncoConnect to contribute significantly to student success at FSU. BroncoConnect ensures that concerns raised in the classroom are brought to the attention of advisors, academic support coordinators, and other student success professionals.  BroncoConnect mobilizes the entire FSU community to come to the aid of at-risk students. BroncoConnect starts in the classroom, and its ultimate goal is student academic success.  It resides in Canvas, where students and instructors access their courses. However, BroncoConnect takes a holistic approach, incorporating the financial, career, and other concerns that are essential to student success. 

Through progress surveys, BroncoConnect provides an easy way to report on student attendance and performance. Instructors receive a request via e-mail from BroncoConnect in weeks 4 and 9 to complete a progress survey in each course. The progress survey asks instructors to identify any students that may need additional academic/non-academic support. This can be done by raising academic or attendance flags. Instructors may also recognize student achievement by raising kudos on students to congratulate them on their academic performance. The progress surveys are more user-friendly versions of the Midterm DF surveys sent from Retain.  

Advisors, academic support coordinators, and other student success professionals are notified immediately of any flags or referrals.  They can then follow up with students to assist them. Advisors can also create to-do's and success plans to provide direction for at-risk students.  Advisors can create notes in BroncoConnect, providing a record of advisement that follows the student throughout his/her academic career.  Advisors can create to-do's and e-mail messages for individual advisees, for all their advisees, or for filtered subsets of advisees.

One of the most powerful advising features of BroncoConnect is its ability to filter students by a variety of criteria.  GPA, admit type, cohort, and flags are just some of the ways advisors can filter their students to quickly identify and track those at risk.

Instructors and advisors have the option to synchronize their Outlook calendars with BroncoConnect and allow students to sign up for appointments during office hours.  Appointments created through BroncoConnect become part of the advising records.

Advising centers, academic support centers, and other units can also allow students to make appointments.  Units can document attendance and submit notes, which contribute to the history of student success activities for each student.

How BroncoConnect Works

BroncoConnect integrates with and extracts student data from Banner on a daily basis. Changes in a student's enrollment, courses, term status, academic outcomes, etc., are imported into BroncoConnect after changes are made to the student record in Banner. Those changes should be reflected in BroncoConnect after the next nightly data update. Selected student data can be viewed in BroncoConnect by faculty, advisors, and staff.

The ability to view  student information in BroncoConnect is determined by one's role. A role is a named set of privileges (i.e., instructor, advisor, academic support coordinator) that defines the actions that a user can take (i.e., flags, referrals, to-dos, appointments) and the information that role can see (admissions, demographics, grades, GPA, term status, programs, student attributes) in BroncoConnect. A single user may have multiple roles.  As an instructor, a faculty member can see information related to a student's enrollment in a specific course.  The same faculty member, as an advisor, can see information about all her/his advisees' courses.

Accessing BroncoConnect

Access BroncoConnect in any of the following ways:

  1. Log in to Canvas. Click on Account, then Profile. Click on the BroncoConnect link. OR,
  2. Log in to the myBronco portal. Under Launchpad, click on BroncoConnect.

BroncoConnect for Everyone

BroncoConnect for Faculty/Advisors

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