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BroncoConnect for Students - Creating a Profile

BroncoConnect allows students to create and edit a profile.  Your profile determines what contact information instructors and advisors see.  It also determines how you get messages from BroncoConnect.  To set up your profile,

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of your Home page.
  2. Update your photo if you want to.  By default, BroncoConnect uses your Bronco Card ID photo.  You can upload a different photo, or remove the default photo if you don't want instructors and advisors to see it.  Keep in mind, though, that photos help faculty and staff connect your name with a face, and that helps them remember you.
  3. Add an alternate or text e-mail address.  You can put a personal e-mail address as your alternate, or you can have BroncoConnect communications sent to you as text messages by entering your cell phone carrier's text e-mail address as your alternate. Click on the cell phone icon next to the Alternate E-Mail field for instructions.
  4. Add a phone and/or cell phone. Note: If you enter a cell phone number, FSU will assume it is OK to call or text you at that number.If you do not want FSU to call or text, leave the cell phone field blank.
  5. Set up a weekly update.
  6. Set reminder preferences for appointments created in BroncoConnect.
  7. Click Submit to save your profile.

 Customizing your profile can make it easier for instructors and advisors to contact you, and it can help you get the most out of BroncoConnect.

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