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BroncoConnect for Students - Success Plans

BroncoConnect, powered by Starfish, is now available in Blackboard. To access BroncoConnect, log in to Canvas, click account, click profile, then click the BroncoConnect link under Tools.* BroncoConnect provides students a way to receive guidance from advisors through Success Plans.  A Success Plan is a set of tracking items--to-do's, referrals--that is assigned to a student.  

  • To-Do is a task the student needs to complete.  "Monthly Advising Visits" and "Take the CLA+" are two examples.
  • Referral is a specific recommendation to visit a service, such as the Math Center, the Career Services Center, or Financial Aid.  A referral is sent not only to the student but also to the service indicated.  The referral service will know that students have been referred and may follow up to reach out to the student.

The following are some of the plans available in BroncoConnect:

  • First-Semester Freshman: For entering freshmen in their first semester of enrollment.  Will be used by University College advisors in Freshman Seminar.
  • Second-Semester Freshman: For students in UNIV 102.
  • Reinstatement Success Plan: For students who have been reinstated from suspension.  This can be assigned by any advisor.
  • Academic Recovery Plan: For students placed on probation after the fall semester.
  • Graduating Senior Checklist: For students who have applied to graduate in the current term.
  • Student-Athletes: For student-athletes with a cumulative GPA below 2.5.

Once an advisor assigns a Success Plan, you will get an e-mail notification. If you are assigned a success plan,

  1. Log in to BroncoConnect and click on the Plans icon.  
  2. Review the items in the plan.  Make a note of what you need to do, along with the Due Date, if any.
  3. Communicate with your advisor to let him/her know that you have received the success plan. Address any questions or concerns to your advisor.
  4. Take action to follow-up on the to-do's and/or referrals. Let your advisor know when you have completed a success plan item.

Depending on the plan and the item, your items may be resolved as you complete them.  When all items are resolved, the Success Plan is completed.

Completing the items in your Success Plan will help you stay on track to succeed at FSU.

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