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BroncoConnect for Students - Tracking Items

BroncoConnect provides instructors a way to provide feedback on their students through Tracking Items.  A tracking item is a notification created about a student's academic progress.  There are four kinds of tracking item in BroncoConnect:  

  • Flag indicates an area of concern.  Two of the flags used in progress surveys are "Attendance Concern" and "Performance Concern."
  • Kudos is a recognition of a student's noteworthy achievement. "Keep up the good work!" is an example of a kudos.
  • To-Do is a task you need to complete.  "Monthly Advising Visits" and "Take the CLA+" are two examples.
  • Referral is a specific recommendation to visit a service, such as the Math Center, the Career Services Center, or Financial Aid.  A referral is sent not only to you but also to the service indicated.  The referral service will know that you have been referred and may follow up to reach out to you.

Instructors can raise tracking items for students as appropriate. As soon as the tracking item is created, you will get an e-mail.  Be on the lookout for e-mail messages with "BroncoConnect" in the Subject heading. If you get a kudos, great!  That means you are doing well in the course. If you get a flag, to-do, or referral, you'll want to follow up:

  1. Read the e-mail carefully.  Make a note of which class it's for, what kind of item it is, and what if any notes the raiser has provided.
  2. Communicate with the person who raised the flag. This lets him/her know you got the message. If you think the item was raised in error, explain why you think it was a mistake. 
  3. Take action to follow up on the item. Action may be as simple as making sure the instructor knows you are attending, or it may involve making an appointment with an academic support unit.  You can find a list of services available to you by clicking on the Courses or My Success Network icons in BroncoConnect.

Your advisor also gets a copy of any flags, kudos, and other items raised for you.  You may want to contact your advisor to discuss them. Your advisor may also reach out to you. 

Use tracking items to stay on track to get the best grades possible in your courses.

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