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GoArmyEd - The NEW Way To Get "ARMY" Tuition Assistance

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"The Virtual Gateway to Tuition Assistance....Online, Anytime"

SoldierEffective April 1, 2006, all Army active duty military students receiving tuition assistance are required to seek admission, register for classes, drop/add/withdraw from classes, and process military tuition assistance through the GoArmyEd portal.  The U. S. Army will no longer accept manual processing for tuition assistance.

What is GoArmyEd?

GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytime for classroom, distance learning, and eArmyU online college courses.  Information on other Army Continuing Education System (ACES) programs and services is also available on

GoArmyEd is a dynamic online portal that automates many of the paper-based processes you historically conducted with your Army Education Counselor.  GoArmyEd is your one-stop location for managing your college education using TA benefits.

GoArmyEd is used by:
  • Soldiers to pursue their postsecondary educational goals.
  • Army Education Counselors to provide educational guidance.
  • Colleges to deliver degree and course offerings and to report soldier progress.
How to Access GoArmyEd

Soldiers who have used TA in the past two years should receive an email from GoArmyEd on April 1, 2006 in their AKO email account.  GoArmyEd email recipients will complete the following steps to get access to GoArmyEd:

  1. Click on the link provided in the email send to your AKO account.
  2. Enter your SSN.
  3. Complete the remaining steps to recieve your username and password for GoArmyEd.

Note: If you can not locate this email, follow steps 1 and 2 below for Soldiers who are new to using TA.  GoArmyEd will recognize your SSN and automatically walk you through the appropriate steps for getting access to the portal.

New to TA:  Soldiers who are new to using TA will use the following steps to get a username and password for GoArmyEd:

  1. Navigate to and select the "New User" tab in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Provide the general information requested in the application and click "Submit."
  3. Receive a username and password and complete the Prospective User Checklist displayed on your Prospective Student View before using TA.

Current eArmyU Soldiers:

  1. Navigate to and use your existing eArmyU  username and password to log into GoArmyEd (GoArmyEd replaces the eArmyU portal as your pathway to enrolling in eArmyU classes.)
  2. Complete the remaining steps.
How to Request TA and Enroll in a Course:

(Remember there is an annual TA ceiling  and semester per hour cap, please refer to the GoArmyEd website or your Army Education Counselor)

Before you can enroll in a course, you must:
  • Select a home college
  • Have a degree plan on record (Contact your Army Education Counselor if you need to complete these steps)
  • Complete your Common Application (Contact your Army Education counselor if you need assistance)

When you have identified classes that will advance you toward your degree, either by consulting your SOCAD Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree plan and your Degree Progress Report or through your College Advisor, you are ready to enroll in a class.

How to Enroll in a Class:
  1. Select the "Request TA and Enroll in a Course" link from you GoArmyEd homepage.
  2. Navigate to the Integrated Course Schedule to locate a course and enroll.
Annual Requirements to Request Army TA:
  • Complete your Annual TA Statement of Understanding (TA SOU)
  • Messages in GoArmyEd and emails sent to your AKO account will prompt you to print out a TA SOU from the portal each year. Return the TA SOU to an Army Education Center by your annual deadline
  • Ensure you have a SOCAD Student Agreement or documented degree plan in your GoArmyEd Student Record prior to the end of the second class taken at your home college or third class taken at any college using TA

Note: To take classes not listed in the GoArmyEd Integrated Course Schedule, complete the GoArmyEd TA Reimbursement process.

How to Drop/Withdraw form a Couse:

Soldiers MUST drop or withdraw from all courses through GoArmyEd.  Soldiers should check with their instructor before withdrawing from a course.

Soldiers withdrawing from a course will use the following steps:

  1. Select "Withdraw form a Course(s)" link form personal homepage.  This will open your class schedule.
  2. Choose the "Drop Course" link for the selected course.
  3. Select "Personal Drop" or "Military Drop".

Note: For Personal Withdrawals, Soldier must repay the TA amount. 

For Military Withdrawals, Soldier must provide the following information:
  • Military Drop Reason/Detailed Explanation
  • Dates the Military Reason occurred
  • Unit Commander Name
  • First LTC in Chain-of-Command

Note: Soldiers who provide false information with the request to waive reimbursement of Army TA are subject to penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

How to Resolve a Hold:

A hold is applied to enforce Army regulations for the use of TA.  Holds are removed automatically when you have resolved the reason for the hold.

Some common holds include:

  • "F" Failing Grade
  • "I" Incomplete Grade
  • Army TA GPA less than 2.0
  • Admission denied
  • Annual Army TA SOU not signed
  • Flagged for suspension of favorable personnel action
  • "Financial" holds due to past due balances with the University

For more instructions on holds and how they are resolved, visit the "View Holds" link on the GoArmyEd homepage.

How to Get Help:
  • Quick Start Training- Most of your questions can be answered by the Soldier Quick Start Training, found on your GoArmyEd homepage.
  • Helpdesk- to receive administrative and technical assistance, contact the GoArmyEd Helpdesk 24/7 by creating a case in the portal or by calling 1-800-817-9990 (from CONUS locations).  If you are currently outside the continental United States (OCONUS), toll-free international Helpdesk numbers are also available in the GoArmyEd portal, click on the "View OCONUS Helpdesk Numbers" link on the Helpdesk page.
  • Army Education Counselor- Contact an Army Education Counselor by visiting your Education Center or by using the GoArmyEd Helpdesk.

"Army Active Duty Military" students are encouraged to utilize the GoArmyEd portal for all classes for the following reasons:

  1. GoArmyEd is NOT an option if you are using Army Tuition Assistance for payment of charges.  The U.S. Army will no longer accept manual processing for tuition assistance; charges assessed on student accounts are the responsibility of the student.  Fayetteville State University will be unable to collect Army Tuition Assistance on your behalf, if GoArmyEd is not utilized.
  2. Keep it consistent!  Let the GoArmyEd portal house ALL your education files for quick and easy reference of classes, grades, account records, correspondences, etc.
  3. Convenience!  The GoArmyEd portal is available 24/7, online, anytime, from anywhere!
  4. Course(s) must be entered into GoArmyEd by the closing date of registration for course(s).
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