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Tuition Surcharge

All new undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree at Fayetteville State University
will be subject to a 50% tuition surcharge if they take more than 140 credit hours to
complete a four-year degree program or more than 110% of the required credit hours to
complete the officially designated five year program.

Note: The State Scholarship Program for Children of War Veterans administered by the
North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs will not cover the 50% tuition surcharge.
Responsibility for the surcharge will be placed on the student. The State Scholarship
Program for Children of War will not pay for book rentals or insurance.

Waiver of Tuition Surcharge

Please see Office of Registrar or Tuition Surcharge Waiver Procedures for information about receiving a surcharge waiver.

This information is pulled from the Student Handbook.

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