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Service Requirements and Diversity

To be eligible to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV), individuals must be at least 18 YEARS OLD and U.S. CITIZENS.  Although the average age of PCVs is 28, there is no upper age limit.  More than 7 percent of all PCVs are 50 or older; some have served in their 80s.  Arthur Goodfriend of Honolulu, Hawaii, holds the record--he was 87 when he completed his Peace Corps service in Hungary in 1994. 

More than 90% of volunteer positions require a BS or BA degree.  

Peace Corps cherishes diversity and wants its Volunteer force to be truly representative of the United States and its citizenry in every way-- age, gender, race, ethnic affiliation, sexual orientation, background.... Diverse PCVs facilitate the accomplishment of Peace Corps' second goal--promoting a better understanding of the US and its people across the globe.   To promote diversity, Peace Corps produced a series of videos that explore the PCV experience from different perspectives...  


African American/Black Volunteer Experience


Hispanic-American Volunteer Experience


Asian-American Volunteer Experience


 LGBTQ Volunteer Experience


 Native American Volunteer Experience



  Older  (50+) Volunteer experience

The number of older Volunteers is increasing, as more and more seniors realize that the Peace Corps offers amazing opportunities to travel, learn and give back as part of an active retirement. The life skills, maturity and professional experience that many seniors bring to Peace Corps position them well for service in communities throughout the world.  


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