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Community Partners

At the Office of Civic Engagement and Service Learning, in order to provide service placements for the FSU student volunteers, we are continuously seeking to increase our community organization partnerships.  If you have any suggestions for adding to our list of partnerships, contact the office at 672-2460.

Please note:  Our service opportunities are listed separately.  Click here to view current service opportunities.

Airborne and Special Operations Museum
  • Address/Location:  100 Bragg Blvd
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide a unique educational experience on United States history and basic core values through preservation, interpretation, and recognition of U.S. Army and Special Operations history and equipment, technology, legend, art and weaponry.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can be utilized in three vital areas which consist of door greeter, front desk and gallery security (which is nothing more than to make sure no one tampers with sensitive artifacts).
Alger B Wilkins High School
  • Address/Location:  1429 Skibo Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The purpose of our mission is to develop a comprehensive mentoring partnership with the students and staff of FSU.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU students can be mentors/role models for our students.  We need to pair "at-risk" students with members of the community who have proven the ability to achieve the next level of academic achievement.
Alpha Academy 
  • Address/Location:  Middle School - Hay Street  Elementary School - 1906 Morganton Road
American Heart Association
  • Address/Location:  3131 RDU Center, Suite 100
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose: The mission of our organization is to build healthier lives for every individual, free of heart disease and stroke.  We exist to support healthcare systems, medical providers, companies, faith-based groups, schools and universities with their efforts and to engage as many people as possible into what we do.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU students could assist in fundraising, become volunteers to help with health fairs, volunteer at day of event activities throughout the year.
American Red Cross - Highlands Chapter
  • Address/Location:  807 Carol St.
  • Organization Purpose:  To assist in preparing for, preventing and providing assistance to clients in times of disaster.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Networking at community events including disaster service - i.e. floods, fires.  Clerical opportunities Monday-Friday at the Chapter.
Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  301 Hay Street
  • Organization Purpose:  To support individual creativity, cultural preservation, economic development, and lifelong learning through the arts.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Mass mailings, docent program, International Folk Festival, 4th Friday, A Dickens Holiday, and general office duties.
Autism Society of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  351 Wagoner Drive, Suite 410
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  The Autism Society of Cumberland County is committed to providing support and promoting opportunities which enhance lives of individuals within the autism spectrum and their families.  We are the parents, families, and friends of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, and the professionals who provide services to them.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Parent Support Group Child Program Volunteer; general administrative duties (ie. newsletter distribution); annual fundraising events (ie. golf tournament).
Better Beginnings Healthcare Solutions
  • Address/Location:  705 Cumberland Street
  • Website:
  • Organization purpose:   Outpatient mental health
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Medical records filing, phones, appointments, computers, customer service, misc.
Better Health of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  1422 Bragg Blvd
  • Organization Purpose:  Health service improving access for health care.
Bolton Senior/Youth Center
  • Address/Location:  221 S. 9th Street, Bolton, NC
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide resources for senior citizens, youth, dislocated and displaced workers--all of whom are at-risk in our town and county.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students will have the opportunity to utilize skills learned in school and apply their training in an office setting.  Duties may include:  answering phones, filing, lead teacher, computer programs, and personal assistant to the director. The organization hold senior programs Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00, Safe Haven Afterschool program Monday-Thursday 3:00-6:00, and GED classes Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-9:00.
Boys and Girls Club of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  3475 Cumberland Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide a quality after school program to youth in our community.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Assist program leaders with national programs, mentoring, tutoring, and daily clean up activities.  Some students will help with special projects that may take place.
Building Blocks Early Education
  • Address/Location:  3330 South Peak Drive
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide care children of working parents and parents in school
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Volunteer with room setup and cleaning.  volunteers can also work with the children in all age groups.
Cape Fear Adult Day Health Care
  • Address/Location:  920 Stamper Road
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Assist the frail and elderly of our community.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Assist in developing website and educate on technology issues and office management
Cape Fear Botanical Garden 
  • Address/Location:  536 N. Eastern Blvd.
  • Organization Purpose:  The mission of Cape Fear Botanical Garden is to transform people's relationship with plants and the natural world.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist in all departments including Education, Horticulture, Events, Visitor Services, Marketing, and Administration.
Cape Fear Studios, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  148-1 Maxwell St.
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To involve, educate, and enrich Cumberland County and surrounding communities with the opportunitiy to create and freely view art. 
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist tiwht marketing to help with fundraising, social media and advertising campaign, office administration and/or business for retail area and art majors for gallery set ups.
The CARE Clinic
  • Address/Location:  239 Robeson St
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide quality healthcare to the uninsured/low income adulty patients who reside in Cumberland County.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Organization prefers RN-BSN Students and Pre-Nursing students with medical background.
Center for Economic Empowerment and Development
  • Address/Location:  230 Hay Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  CEED is dedicated to help individuals use their strength to fulfill their dream of home ownership, education, employment and small business development.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can help consolidate data, to make phone calls, to make presentations, to distribute printed materials and to be administrators for Facebook, Twitter & others.
 Child Advocacy Center
  • Address/Location:  336 Ray Ave.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Marketing, fundraising, work withfamily advocate, help with children during parent support groups, website, and community education programs.
Child of the King Outreach Inc.
  • Address/Location:  159 Charlie Lee Lane, Fuqua Varina, NC
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Empower and Inspire low income and homeless families to overcome social issues.
  • How FSU students can be of assistance:  Donation fundraisers, serving food, clothing to families in need, updating volunteer contact list, preparing for future events.
City Alive CDC
  • Address/Location:  3421 Murchison Road
  • Organization Purpose:  City Alive CDC mission is to embrace communities by creating opportunities.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  The students are able to assist with homework assistance, peer tutoring, etc.
 City Rescue Mission Inc.
  • Address/Location:  331 Adam St.
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  The purpose of the City Rescue Mission is to assist in the transition process of the homeless community.  The vision is to instill a system of hope into the lives of the homeless and low income population by alleviating hunger, assisting in self-sufficient life styles, and building lifestyles.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Feeding program, food pantry, clothing program
The Collaborative Institute for Inter-professional Education & Practice
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  The mission of the Collaborative Insitute for Inter-professional Education & Practice (CI-PEP) at FSU aims at providing the highest quality, coordinate care specific to the biopsychosocial health needs of uniformed service personnel, families, and veterans residing in surrounding communities.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can be used to sanitize area's of the institute such as the family room (used for childcare), acupuncture, and massage therapy room.  Students can also assist with changing and properly storing used and cleaned linen; assist with administrative duties such as organizing medical records; answering incoming calls; calling clients to confirm appointments; and patient triaging.  Direct care can be provided by completing assessments on new and returning clients to include assessing patients' past and present medical history; taking vital signs; and updating patient information; in addition to providing needed case management services as requested by client.
College Heights Presbyterian Church
  • Address/Location:  1801 Seabrook Road
  • Organization Mission:  To proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of the Triune God.  We will glorify God through worship opportunities to express God's love, mercy, and forgiveness.  We affirm our commitment to the Reformed faith which encourages all people to be Reformed and be Constantly Reforming.  We will affirm our commitment to God's love inside and outside the confines of our building by cultivating the spirit of gratitude through sacrificial giving of time, talent and resources.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students are needed to offer tutorial services for elementary and middle school students.  We project the majority of the students will live within our community.
Common Cause North Carolina
  • Address/Location:  19 West Hargett St., Raleigh, NC
  • Organization Purpose:  To raise civic engagement amongst college students and to make them aware of the different aspects of democracy.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  They can volunteer to assist with canvassing.  Also students can participate in democracy projects or voter registration drives.
Communities in Schools of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  310 Green Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Surrounding students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can serve as tutors and mentors
Community Innovations, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  118 East Walter Street, Whiteville, NC
  • Organization Purpose:  To enable individuals who we support to access services, make choices, pursue aspirations, live and interact with dignity and respect in their communities.  Community Innovations (CI) supports individuals in discovering and creating what they most want in their lives.  We provide comprehensive services that focus on what is working and build a bridge between where the individual is to where they want to be.  CI provides ICF/IMR residential and day services, residential programs for individuals with dual diagnosis, community based services and supporting persons with developmental disabilities & enhanced outpatient service.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students will be exposed to several aspects of the company such as sitting in on a clinical assessment with a Licensed Therapist; filing in medical records; visiting our rehabilitation center; and assisting with front office duties.
Connections of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  119 N Cool Spring Street
  • Website: 
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Connections of Cumberland County operates the only "walk in" day resource center with case management specifically designed to serve women and especially children who are homeless or facing homelessness.  Our goal is to assist our clients to become safe and self-sufficient by collaborating with all homeless providers and services possible.  Our priority is to get them quickly housed and stabilized in order to begin work on goal setting and action steps need to develop new patterns of behavior that will promote independence and self reliance for their families.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Service learning students will be immersed in varying levels of case management and follow up.  Opportunities for administrative work, research, data collection and grant writing may be available during certain times of the year.  Opportunities for marketing and public awareness work is available.  Assistance with development of a PSA marketing video on the homeless child is needed.  Opportunities to create/present budgeting and life skills workshops available.
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Fayetteville
  • Address/Location:  314 Green Street
  • Organization Purpose:  Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Fayetteville(CCCS) is a non-profit service and a member of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit (NFCC).  We are committed to providing low income, disabled, elderly and limited speaking individuals in the community with financial, housing counseling and free tax preparation.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  In providing service to our clients, students will learn how to greet taxpayers to make sure they are comfortable while they wait.  Students will also verify that clients have all the necessary documentation to complete their tax returns (Photo ID & SS cards, W-2's etc.)   Students who have obtained IRS tax preparation certification will interview tax payers, enter the tax information into Tax Wise software program in the computer, generate an E-File, and obtain signatures for E-Filing.
Crimestoppers of Fayetteville/Cumberland County
  • Address:  P.O. Box 58343, Fayetteville, NC
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Crimestoppers provides an incentive for people with information to come forth by offering cash rewards.  Additionally, Crimestoppers protects their safety by assuring the complete anonymity of anyone who calls with a tip.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  As the Board's goals is to stop crime and encourage tips to make arrests, student can be utilized for various projects to include research, fundraising activities, or other special projects.
Cumberland County Community Action Program, Inc.
Cumberland County Community Action Program - Head Start
  • Address/Location:  5135 Morganton Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide comprehensive services for low income at-risk 0-5 year old children.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU volunteers can assist in maintaining a safe and healthy environment in Head Start classrooms and playgrounds in accordance with current regulations, and carrying out individual and group activities to stimulate growth in language, social, and motor skills.  Assist in Head Start classrooms and/or Head Start Administration Office.
Cumberland County Bar Association
  • Organization Purpose:  We are an organization that ensures civic engagement, continuing education, and fellowship among attorneys within the 12th Judicial District Bar and local JAG.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  The CCBA needs assistance withits Law Day construction service project.  This year assistance is needed specifically to help wash the home that Bar is revitalizing.  Students may also assist with painting and yardwork.


Cumberland County CommuniCare Inc.
  • Address/Location:  711-B Executive Place
  • Organization Purpose:  CommuniCare Inc. provides family strengthening, juvenile delinquency/drug/alcohol treatment, prevention and youth development service for youth ages 6-17 in Cumberland County through collaboration and comprehensive service planning.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students could learn several aspects of our non-profit management and assist in the Teens Making A Change program as well as mentoring youth involved in the Reclaiming Futures project.
Cumberland County Council on Older Adults, Inc 
  • Address/Location:  339 Devers Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Our organization is dedicated to helping older adults maintain independence with dignity through the provision of home and community based services that promote aging in place.  Services include Information & Options Counseling; In-Aid Aide; Senior Nutrition; Home Improvements; Senior Companions; Telephone Reassurance; and Medicare Counseling.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Program data collection and entry; client and community surveys, client assessments, grant research, fundraising events and donor drives, etc.
Cumberland County Dispute Resolution Center
Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center
  • Address/Location:  300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  The library is a department of the Cumberland County government.  The library's mission is to open windows to the world by encouraging expression, enlightenment, and exploration.  The library provides professional reference service, access to public computers, job and employment assistance and resources, programs for early literacy and life long learning and more.
  • How FSU Students can be utilized:  By transferring answers from public surveys to our online survey.  This will provide support as we compile public feedback in developing our long range plan for the next five years in service to the residents of Cumberland County.
Cumberland County Schools Social Work Services
  • Address/Location:  2465 Gillespie Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Social work services for students enrolled in Cumberland County Schools
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU volunteers can help by planning, coordinating and serving on school-wide projects.
Cumberland HealthNET
  • Address/Location:  1235 Ramsey Street
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide access to healthcare to low-income uninsured Cumberland County residents.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Provide administrative support and data collection.  Students will be required to interact with enrollees, general public and healthcare professionals.
Democracy NC
  • Address/Location:  1821 Green St., Durham, NC 27705/Local Office:  707 Murchison Road
  • Organization Purpose:  A non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)3 organization that works to make real the promise of "one person, one vote."  We do voter registration, voter education, leadership development trainings, and public policy advocacy across North Carolina.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  To do non-partisan voter education, voter registration, and other community outreach events/trainings.
Department of Sports Medicine at FSU
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road, Fayetteville, NC 28301
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  These certified athletic trainers are responsible for the prevention, evaluation, immediate care, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of all athletic injuries incurred by FSU's student athletes, as well as several other administrative duties such as medical record keeping and facilitating the insurance claims process.  The members of the Sports Medicine team also serve as liaisons among intercollegiate coaches, student-athletes and their families, team physicians, and Athletics Department administration to coordinate the best overall healthcare possible for all university's student-athletes.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:   Students will be able to better understand orthopedic injuries, and how to evaluate, assess and treat those injuries.  The will also be able to get an understanding and get use of first aid skills in high stress situations.
Designing Station
  • Address/Location:  201 McDuffie Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  We serve individuals and families transitioning from homelessness and fleeeing domestic violence with very low income who live in Cumberland and Robeson County.  We provide new and gently-used basic home furnishings.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Help organize, plan, and execute fundraising/special events.
Easterseals UCP Dorothy Spainhour Center
  • Address/Location:  223 Hull Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Developmental daycare for children Birth - 5 years old in Fayetteville.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students could spend time in the classrooms interacting with children and assisting teachers.
Families First, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  812 Pinckney Street, Whiteville, NC 28472
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Families First's mission is to identify, address, and rectify issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault in Columbus and Bladen Counties.
  • How FSU students can be utilized: Office tasks, outreach events, court report, thrift store clerks, fund raising, drive for food and shelter items.
Fascinate-U Children's Museum
  • Address/Location:  116 Green Street
  • Website:
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Assist with general cleaning and housekeeping, crafts and art prep, science program assistance, girl scout program assistance.
Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Address/Location:  245 Person Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To position Cumberland County as a destination for conventions, tournaments and individual travel.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  It will based on the projects, but each project would offer real-world experience for the students.
Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity
  • Address/Location:  310 Green Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Habitat is part of a global nonprofit housing organization operating on Christian principles that seeks to put God's love into action by building homes, communities and hope.  Habitat is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing through constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes.  Habitat was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, and that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FAHFH would like to partner with FSU service-learning students on specific projects in the areas of program development, online marketing and community outreach.  Project support will be administrative.
Fayetteville Area Transportation Museum
Fayetteville Beautiful
  • Address/Location:  2010 Whisper Lane
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Fayetteville Beautiful is a growing group of concerned citizens dedicated to the mission of encouraging citizens to create and maintain a cleaner and more beautiful Fayetteville.  The core issues are:  1) litter prevention; 2)beautification; and 3) waste Reduction.
Fayetteville Fire/Emergency Management Department
  • Address/Location:  433 Hay St.
  • Organization Purpose:  Fire suppression, public fire education, and emergency medical services.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Administrative and clerical support and statistical data.
Fayetteville Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • Address/Location:  88 Grove View Terrace
  • Organization Purpose:  To Provide decent safe and affordable housing to low income residents of Cumberland County.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Outreach, marketing, case management, survey design.
Fayetteville Police Department
  • Address/Location:  467 Hay Street
  • Organization Purpose:  We are committed to leading the community problem-solving efforts that improve the quality of life for all citizens of Fayetteville.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Spanish translation, administrative work, Special Olympics, forensics, filing, video, photography.
 Fayetteville State University Planetarium
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Organization Purpose:  To educate the public about astronomy and space exploration.  To provide a place to connect with the Universe for intellectual enlightenment and spiritual exploration.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  To direct visitors to available parking and from the parking lot to the Planetarium.  To collect admission fees and submit to the department office and obtain receipt.  To be in the Planetarium office during Tuesday and Thursday 12:00pm to 1:00pm.  To run the Planetarium projector during live and (on weekends) recorded shows.
Fayetteville State University's Special Programs
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  This Department provides educational opportunities, outreach and support programs that inspire youth and adults to achieve quality education.  The primary goal of the projects undertaken by Special Programs is to help the targeted population enter college and graduate.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  By assisting staff with program planning, creating marketing publications, educational powerpoints and tutorials for the students in the program.
Fayetteville State University Student Health Services
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To provide quality cost effective health care and health educational services that support students in creating better physical, emotional, and social health outcomes.
  • How FSU Students can be utilized:  By assisting with Bronco Wellness and other health education activities, creating health education program/marketing materials and outreach activities.
 Fayetteville Urban Ministry
  • Address/Location: Headquarters - 701 Whitfield St.
  • Website:
  • Organization Mission: To "show God's compassion for our neighbors in need, and thus build our community together.
  • How FSU students can be utilized: Administrative support, filing, data entry, customer service, tutor, mentor, organize donations, youth workers, chaperones, building & construction, community spokespersons, marketing, publicity, web design.
Fayetteville Walk to End Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's Association
  • Address/Location:  3739 National Drive, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC
  • Website: 
  • Orgnization Purpose:  To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Helping promote the Fayetteville Walk to End Alzheimer's and help to raise awareness in the community about Alzheimer's disease.
Ferguson Easley Elementary School
  • Address/Location:  1857 Seabrook Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  We believe in the child!  Ferguson Easley Elementary School will strive to provide varied opportunities for each child to learn skills, acquire knowledge and develop character within a rich, diverse, and nurturing environment.
Fitch Youth Activity League & Boxing Club
  • Address/Location:  735 Goodyear Drive, Spring Lake, NC
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To help underprivileged kids and mentor youth in the local community through boxing and other activities.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Help mentor and guide youth.
Fresh Touch Ministries Inc.
  • Address/Location:  342 Moore Street
  • Organization Purpose:  Fresh Touch Ministries are numerous ministries whose primary focus is outreach.  The aspects of FTM are designed to fulfill the needs of those that are less fortunate.  These needs include:  educating, feeding, clothing, and housing.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU students can provide service by serving, receiving data, cleaning, serving meals, data tracking system, signing in and screening clients.
FSU College Access Programs
  • Address/Location:  FSU Helen T. Chick Building
  • Organization Purpose:  The purpose of College Access Programs is to encourage and assist youth who are traditionally under-represented in college with preparation for entry into and completion of a post-secondary education.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Serve as office assistants, tutors, program assistants, event planning assistance, workshop presenters, or mentors.
FSU Early Childhood Learning Center 
  • Address/Location:  FSU Loretta Taylor Science Building
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide a learning environment for children ages 0-5 which will prepare them for kindergarten and first grade.
FSU Facilities Management Department
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Design, construct, maintain and operate the physical facilities of the University.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Planning and implementing behavioral change projects (short term) around energy conservation and solid waste reduction in FSU facilities.
FSU Office of Alumni Affairs
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The Office of Alumni Affairs at Fayetteville State University serves to promote and enhance positive relations between FSU and its Alumni.  Our mission is to develop, plan and implement programs and activities which stimulate interest, build loyalty and generate financial support for FSU.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  The Office of Alumni Affairs runs on volunteer power.  As a small staff we use community partner & students to help execute events.
FSU Theatre Company
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To serve as an artistic, intellectual, and multicultural resource for the communities and institutions of southeast North Carolina and beyond.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students are invited to take part in production work as technicians, crew, actors, runners, artisans, and as marketing team members.
Future Endeavors Life Program
  • Address:  P.O. Box 26001
  • Website:
  • Organization Mission:  To help at risk adolescents realize that their current situation does not dictate their future.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  As a nonprofit organization we service both at risk and willing youth through seminars, workshops and camps.  We also conduct small projects in the community that help other businesses.  Volunteers are needed to fundraise, help promote events, and complete small tasks.
The Gilbert Theater
  • Address/Location:  116 Green Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide creative, innovative plays and events to stir audiences and students of its conservatory to explore and contemplate the human condition through the talents of local artists.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  By providing operational support to stage productions.  By providing support to our administrative staff.
Global Covenant Inc.
  • Address/Location:  742 East Russell Street
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Develop underprivileged children to learn responsibility, discipline, respect and ultimately believe in themselves.  Teach young people that success only comes when hardwork and opportunity meet.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Website development
Great Oak Youth Development Center Inc.
  • Address/Location:  208 Campbell Ave.
  • Organization Purpose:  To build foundations in male youth through educational assistance, leadership training, life skills development and mentoring.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  As direct participants in Great Oak programs or by planning and executing fundraisers, community beautification projects, or other youth support projects such as reading buddies or similar activities.
Guardian Ad Litem Program - Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  117 Dick Street
  • Organization Purpose:  Our program provides trained community volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children who are in juvenile court through no faulty of their own.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  They can become child advocates.
Heritage Place Senior Living
  • Address/Location:  325 N. Cool Spring St.
  • Website: 
  • Organization Purpose:  At Heritage Place we provide seniors with services and care that enhance their lifestyle.  We endeavor to nourish the spirit and preserve personal dignity by addressing spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of our residents, through meaningful activities in their daily life.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist or run numerous activities such as Bingo, Wheel of Fortune, crafts, bible studies, socials, in-room specialized visits, etc.  We also welcome students that have any suggestions or special talenets that they would like to bring into Heritage Place, our seniors love visitors and love doing and learning new things.
JEMS Project
  • Address/Location:  1065 Progress St.
  • Organization Purpose:  To assist domestic violence victims and/or family members.  To aid the community by being a referral agency towards helping meet the needs of our clients.  These needs may be jobs, food, housing, etc.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  In every area of our company:  phone calls, research, paperwork, projects, new ideas, etc.
Johari Outreach, LLC
  • Address/Location:  511 Middle Road
  • Organization Purpose:  Johari Outreach, LLC will empower at risk, underserved youth and adults by providing them with equal access and equal opportunities to develop life long skills and knowledge to compete in the global market and to become productive, fulfilled citizens.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  There are several programs such as a free summer program for at risk youth; emergency food pantry for families in need; quality assurance department to oversee compliance; client advocacy in court system; work with Dept. of Juvenile Justce, school system, and Department of Social Services; and provide Multisystemic Therapy Services.

John E. Pechmann Fishing Center - Inactive
  • Address/Location:  7489 Old Raeford Road
  • Organization Purpose:  Teaches anglers of all ages, abilities, and skill levels about NC's aquatic resources.
Latino Community Concepts
  • Address/Location:  3121 N. Main Street, Hope Mills, NC
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To identify, establish and disseminate local resources aimed at serving the needs othe Latino Communities of Fayetteville, Ft. Bragg, and surrounding areas.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can help with marketing and working on events that are held in the community.  Students can also assist with formation of new projects.
Learn to Play Children Center - Inactive
  • Address/Location:  720 Burgoyne Dr.
  • Organization Purpose:  The Center is looking to help close the financial gap for children that would otherwise not have the opportunity.  By promoting health awareness issues to the young people, one of our main goals is to encourage them to eat healthy and remain physically active.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students will be able to help participate in community events, allowing them to learn about different backgrounds through education, hands on activities, art, music, etc.
Long Hill Elementary School
  • Address/Location:  6490 Ramsey Street
  • Organization Purpose:  Cumberland County Schools
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  As classroom volunteers, support or observers.
Margaret Willis Elementary School
  • Address/Location;  1412 Belvedere Avenue
  • Organization Purpose:  To teach students to be successful, functioning members of society.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Mentoring students
Mason Unlimited Inc.
  • Address/Location: 1520 Slater Ave.
  • Organization Purpose:  Mason Unlimited Inc mission is to instill the Great American values by providing opportunities for individuals to build strong families and communities.  Mason Unlimited Inc goal is to develop educated, resourceful individuals (spirit, mind and body) through character development programs which will produce a sound foundation that leads to productive communities.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Social science majors can conduct activities that will build self-esteem and character.  The activities conducted will allow the participants to interact with one another in groups.  Education majors can provide lesson plans that will help increase students knowledge in reading, math, and comprehension.  Physical education majors will put together simple activities of routines that would increase consumers physical health.
  • Address/Location:  5495 Cliffdale Road, Suite 1110
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To help small businesses grow and to support non-profits both in the USA and Latin America by providing technology services and marketing strategies.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students may be able to help with website development, marketing, branding, and social media.  Students can help to provide visibility to non-profits on Google.  Students can help with event planning and assist with outreach activities.
MPAC Learning Services, LLC
  • Address/Location:  1077 71st School Road
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  MPAC is an academic, enrichment, and recreational tutoring service(s) that promotes diversity and challenges to become competitive in a global society.
  • How FSU students can be utlized:  Assist in reinforcing skills in math, reading and writing during summer camp activities.

NAACP - Fayetteville Chapter
  • Address/Location:  707 Murchison Road
  • Organization Purpose:  The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Website development, membership database development, banquet assistance, revise and update forms, attend community meetings, create brochures and research on a variety of topics.
NAMI - Cumberland, Harnett and Lee Counties
  • Address:  P.O. Box 87502
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illness and to the improvement of the quality of life of all whose lives are affected by these diseases.  We fight to get rid of the stigma attached to mental illness.  We are an advocacy organization for the consumer and families of affected persons.  
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  We provide education on the first Tuesday of each month and on the third Tuesday we host a support meeting.  At this time need volunteers to assist with meetings (preparing packets and passing out materials).  For our special events we need a photographer and videographer to record, assist with creation of flyers and emailings.
NC State Veterans Home
  • Address:  214 Cochran Avenue
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Providing a home-like environment for veteran residents.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Assist with the activities department.
North Carolina Service-Learning Coalition
  • Address/Location:  n/a
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The mission of NCSLC is to promote, support, advance and sustain high quality service-learning.  The vision of the NCSLC is to develop actively engaged and globally aware citizens through collaborative service-learning partnerships between PreK-12, higher education, and community organizations across North Carolina.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Website assistance, event hosting assistances, and training hosting assistance, etc.
North Carolina Veterans Assistance Council
  • Organization Purpose:  To assist homeless veterans in securing better circumstances, in a variety of ways, to include possible employment and/or micro-loans.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  To build a professional website for the organization.
The Office of Continuing Education & Summer School
  • Address/Location:  Bronco Square, Suite 106, 1047 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The Office of Continuing Education strives to deliver quality, creative, enriching, and diverse non-credit continuing education activities to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals in our community.  The Office of Summer School coordinates for-credit, extra-term classes for students.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Service learning students would be valuable as assistants at our summer camps (pending clear background check) or in our office (Continuing Education or Summer School) with clerical, record-keeping, or general operational needs.
Office of Research Initiatives
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  To assist in establishing a strong research record for each School of Education faculty member in a disciplined, sustained, and focused inquiry that impacts practice and professional though in the educational community.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Service learning students could be a great help in providing assistance with projects of various sizes.  These projects would not only benefit the department, but would also give the students an idea of the importance of the Office of Research Initiatives of FSU's campus.
Operation Blessing of Fayetteville, INC.
  • Address/Location:  1337 Ramsey Street
  • Website: or
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide food, clothes, financial assistance for utilities or shelter in addition to offering crisis pregnancy counseling, baby items and parenting classes.
  • How FSU students can be utilized: Because our organization provides a wide range of services to our community, there are opportunities to work with the homeless, veterans and people from all walks of life.  Participant will learn the simplifies of serving humanity.
Pampers, Hugs, & Luvs Properties, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  353 Old Stage Road, St. Pauls; 634 Sand Hill Road, Hope Mills; and 620 Sand Hill Road, Hope Mills
  • Website:
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  To help with one-on-one guidance for children--especially with an IEP, behavior problems, or those developmentally delayed.
Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  351 Wagoner Drive, Suite 200
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To build partnerships with families and the community so that all children have the opportunity to succeed in school and be prepared to contribute to our social and economic future.
Pine Forest Middle School
  • Address/Location:  6901 Ramsey Street
  • Organization Purpose:  Public school in Cumberland County serving grades 6-8.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Proctors for end-of-grade tests, tutoring students, community service projects like food, clothing and coin drives.
R. Max Abbott Middle School
  • Address/Location:  590 Winding Creek Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  R. Max Abbott Middle School is a public middle school in Cumberland County Schools.  We are Title 1/100% free lunch school with grades 6-8.
  • How FSU Students can be utilized:  There is a great need for tutors in our school, especially in STEM courses.  We also need reading and Spanish Tutors.
SAFE of Harnett County, Inc.
  • Address/Location:  1210 S. Main Street, Lillington, NC
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The mission of SAFE is to provide safety and serve as an advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, survivors, and their families.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students could complete service hours at the thrift store, sorting donations, hanging donations, and completing other organizational tasks.  Students could complete similar tasks at the office.  Students interested in learning more about and engaging in client services (answering crisis line, etc.), would be required to complete additional training.
Salvation Army
  • Address/Location:  220 E. Russell St. (main office)  245 Alexander St. (shelter)
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Emergency shelter and food assistance
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  The shelter has many opportunities to serve those in need such as the feeding program and rehabilitating adults financially.
Second Harvest Food Bank of SENC
  • Address/Location:  406 Deep Creek Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  SHFB is a 501(c)3 agency designed to solicit and distribute food and grocery products to our 7-county area.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU students can provide service through data collection, special events, and statistical studies as well as through publishing, accounting, and audio-visual projects.
Southview High School
  • Address/Location:  4414 Elk Road, Hope Mills, NC
  • Organization Purpose:  Grades 9-12 education
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist with the theatre classes helping high school students learn about technical theatre.
Southeastern NC Radio Reading Services
  • Address/Location:  Telecommunications Building  on the campus of FSU
  • Organization Purpose:  The broadcast can be obtained throughout a 60 mile radius of Cumberland County to receivers that are provided free to the listeners.  Our readers provide daily access to current local and regional news and other printed information from a variety of sources to individuals who cannot read conventional print because of blindness or any other visual, physical or learning disability.  In addition to local programming our listeners have access to 24 hours of reading service from a variety of current printed publications from our satellite affiliates. 
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist with the readings--live and recorded as well as fundraising and office duties.
Speech and Language Foundation d/b/a Need Speech?
  • Address/Location:  5416 Raeford Road
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Speech and Language Foundation d/b/a Need Speech? is dedicated to providing speech and language therapy to our clients in an environment that is respectful of others, adpative to change, evidence based, accountable for outcome, and demonstrates compassion.
 Special Olympics of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  Dorothy Gilmore Recreation Center, 1600 Purdue Drive
  • Organization Purpose:  In Cumberland County over 500 athletes train year-round and compete locally, regionally and state-wide in 11 different sports.  Special Olympics Cumberland County also host dances, dinners, and fund raisers for the athletes throughout the year.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  At local events students will assist Special Olympics athletes in getting to and from event stations, assist in scoring events, and for dinners and dances students will assist with serving food, assist Special Olympics Cumberland County staff with the set-up and breakdown of event areas.
Spring Lake Senior Citizens Club - The Lakers
  • Address/Location:  301 Ruth Street, Spring Lake, NC
  • Organization Mission:  Our mission is to provide programs, activities, and opportunities for our members as they age.  To serve as a hub and focal point, to complement existing services and resources, developing and engaging in strong partnerships and collaborations with the Town of Spring Lake and other organizations.  We strive to improve the quality of life for our members by seeking activities and programs that enhance and support the mental, physical, spiritual, and social health of those aged 50+, whether retired or still working.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  FSU service-learning students would be a tremendous asset in developing this non-profit into a viable, visible entity in the community.
St. Ann Neighborhood Youth Center
  • Address/Location:  365 N. Cool Springs St, Fayetteville
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide afterschool tutoring and other educational experiences to disadvantaged 2nd - 5th graders from neighboring elementary schools.  Our focus points are reading and math.  Our motto is "Planting Seeds for Tomorrow's Harvest."  All are welcome.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Helping elementary students accomplish their studies, promote reading and math and develop a love of learning.
Stop Hunger Now
  • Address/Location:  615 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC
  • Ogranization Purpose:
    • Vision:   A world without hunger
    • Mission:  To end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and other life-saving aid to the world's most vulnerable and to mobilize the necessary resources to do so.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can help with awareness raising, fundraising and volunteer recruitment for meal packaging event.
Sustainable Neighbors
  • Address:  P.O. Box 58541
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Educate, Connect, Nourish, Heal.  Provides local food education, consumer awareness, nutrition presenttions, small plot training and networking.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students who are interested in learning about the local food movement, grassroot activism and small farm advocacy.  Students could be utilized for outreach, marketing, education, statistics work, surveys, market analysis and also work with community and youth projects.


Sustainable Sandhills
  • Address/Location:  215 Williams Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Promote sustainable practices and principles in all sectors of the community.  Educate and engage residents, businesses, institutions and local governments in our sustainable community initiatives and projects.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  There are a number of community service projects and events that students can participate in.  Examples include:  low income weatherization, stream cleanup, special event recycling, Urban Farm Tour site volunteers, conference and other meeting registration assistance.  There is also administrative work in the office that students could assist with.
Sweet Tea Shakespeare/FSU
  • Address/Location:  Multiple sites - 1200 Murchison Road, 206 Bradford Avenue, and 126 Hay Street
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  The goals of Sweet Tea Shakespeare are:  to vitalize the performance of Shakespeare and other drama for the diverse communities of Southeast North Carolina and the Sandhills by presenting inspiring, accessible, literate, experiential theatrical performance; to foster community and fellowship around the enterprise of theatre in outdoor and other beautiful spaces; to provide exceptional avenues for artists and audiences of all backgrounds to take part in recovering the joys of Shakespeare and live performance.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can work on all aspects of STS shows to include acting, crew, marketing, set up/strike, poster distribution, etc.  Acting and crew positions are by audition/interview only.
Town of Spring Lake
  • Address/Location:  300 Ruth Street, Spring Lake, NC
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose:  Muncipal government providing basic services to citizens such as polic and fire protection, water and sewer services, trash collection, street maintenance and recreation services.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist with special projects as they present themselves and with the bi-annual town wide litter sweeps.
 Trinity Childcare
  • Address/Location:  3727 Rosehill Road
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide quality child care to all enrolled students.  Our license capacity is 391.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can assist withstory-telling in preschool or assist with afterschool tutoring.
United Way of Cumberland County
  • Address/Location:  222 Maiden Lane
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  To improve the lives of Cumberland County by addressing critical human needs.  We fund programs and services through our community partner agencies.  These agencies provide solutions in education, financial stability, and health.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Assisting with daily operations of the United Way of Cumberland County.
University College Supplemental Instruction Program
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website: 
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Supplemental Instruction is a method of academic support that has proven effective in improving student academic success in courses with traditionally high dropout and withdrawal rates.  Our goal is to ensure core courses meet annual targets for student mastery of core learning outcomes.  In addition, our purpose is to increase the percentage of first-year freshmen who have earned 30 hours and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at the end of the first year.
University College Writing Center
  • Address/Location:  1200 Murchison Road
  • Website: 
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  The mission of The Writing Center is to provide a safe and comfortable writing community where students can get feedback on their work and learn strategies for getting started, developing ideas, clarifying, proofreading, and documenting sources.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can provide support for The Writing Center by greeting students/visitors, answering the telephone, entering data into the computer, typing, filing, making phone calls, creating flyers, completing office paperwork, etc.  Students can assist with the overall daily flow of The Writing Center.
Veterans Empowering Veterans Inc.
  • Address/Location:  610 Person Street
  • Organization Purpose:  To create a community for homeless veterans, as well as all veterans, assisting them to successfully transition back into civilian society through training and self-empowerment.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Students can volunteer to distribute clothing and hygiene items for the homeless veterans and general homeless population.  Students can also assist with procedures and policies development projects.
Whispering Pines Nursing and Rehab Center
  • Address/Location:  523 Country Club Drive
  • Organization Purpose:  To enrich the life of our seniors.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  As an individual or group direct contact with our senior involvement for participation in activities of choice through community outreach.
Wisdom Keys Learning Center-Pathways to Success Program
  • Address/Location:  111 Lamon Street Suite 206 
  • Organization Purpose:  To provide tutoring, homework assistance and character education.
W.O.W. Workshops on Wheels, LLC
  • Address/Location:  P.O. Box 2556, Lumberton, NC 28359
  • Website:
  • Organization Purpose/Mission:  Workshops on Wheels is a mobile youth development organization that provides innovative workshops to help assist in the needs of young people and their families.  Our mission is to prepare youth for global opportunities through education, empowerment, and exposure.  Our workshops are custom designed and personalized and are structured upon scientific evidence based curriculums.  All of our workshops are hands on, informative, and fun.  Our programs challenge participants by combining fun and interactive activities.
  • How FSU students can be utilized:  Hands-on workshops:  health education, healthy relationships, physical fitness, dance, personal development (self-esteem building, goal setting, and self awareness), college preparation (college tours, interview skills, and public speaking), and bullying prevention.  FSU students will have an opportunity to create their own projects or assist with workshops already in progress.


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