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Dr. Jose Franco

Dr. Jose Franco
Spanish Program Coordinator

Office: Joseph Knuckles Science Annex, 105
Phone: (910) 672.1379
Fax: (910) 672.2616
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Dr. José Manuel Franco Rodríguez was born in Chercos (Almería, Spain). Dr. FRANCO received his Licentiate in English Philology from the University of Granada, Spain, and his Licentiate in Spanish Philology from the University of Almería, Spain. In addition to his passion for Renaissance literature, a keen interest in language acquisition processes sprang from his years teaching English in Spain and ESL and Spanish at Bilston Community College, England. This new focus of his academic activity led him to the United States, where he sought first-hand acquaintance with its effervescent bilingualism and languages in contact. During his seven years in California as a bilingual teacher, he also completed his M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and his Ph.D. in Spanish Philology at the University of Almería, Spain. Dr. Franco has taught Spanish courses as an Assistant Professor at Methodist College, NC. He sees Fayetteville State University as an institution with an incomparable potential for both students and professors.

Survey of Spanish literature I: Medieval & Golden Age periods
Survey of Spanish literature II: 18th century to contemporary literature
Survey of Spanish liturature I: From Colonization to Independene
Survey of Spanish liturature II: From Independence to the present  
Spanish Linguistics I: phonetics & phonology
Spanish Linguistics II. morphology syntax & semantics
Advanced grammar
Methods and materials in teaching Spanish
Student teaching
Language and Culture
Spanish for Health Professionals I    Spanish for Health Professionals II   Spanish for the Professions I          Spanish for the Professions II    Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Advance Spanish Conversation
Advance Spanish Composition
Spanish Civilization and Culture
Spanish-American Civilization and Culture
Senior Seminar: Current Issues in the Spanish-Speaking World
The Spanish dialogue:
recuperation of early Spanish dialogues
women from this genre's perspective
Linguistic landscape:
language evolution
language vitality
the language of Hispanics in the US

2015 (in progress) Rare and Unpublished Spanish Dialogues: La vida del soberbio

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