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Information about the PRAXIS/Plato Lab

The PRAXIS/PLATO Lab  is located in the G.L. Butler Building, 2nd floor, room 209.  The PRAXIS Lab has been funded through Title III funds, therefore this lab is used for PRAXIS I purposes only.

We are currently using an online software that helps to prepare our students for the PRAXIS I Exam.  This software (PLATO Learning Network) can be accessed from anywhere that has internet access.  PLATO Learning Network allows the student to take a pre-PRAXIS I test in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math.  Once the specified test has been completed, the computer will grade the test.  Each student will receive a individualized tutorial plan based upon their performance on the pre-PRAXIS I test. This lab as well as the PLATO software is only available to currently enrolled Fayetteville State University students.

The PRAXIS/PLATO Lab is in operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am until 5:00pm

Primary contact for PLATO Lab
Dr. Theodore Kaniuka
Dr. Ted Kaniuka
Assistant Professor
Phone: 910-672-1636
Office: Butler 257

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Kathleen Marsh
Mrs. Kathleen Marsh
Administrative Support Associate
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