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University-School Teacher Education Partnership (USTEP)

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Teachers, principal and students from Teresa C. Berrien Elementary School

FSU preservice teachers, principal and students from Teresa C. Berrien Elementary School attend the American Society of Quality International Koalaty Kid Conference in Raleigh, N.C.


What is University-School Teacher Education Partnership?

The goals of the University-School Teacher Education Partnership (U-STEP) are:

  • To improve teaching and learning through better preparation of teachers, administrators, license personnel, and non-licensed staff
  • To create more effective models of pre-service preparation
  • To strengthen the teaching profession, from initial preparation through career-long professional development and renewal
  • To redesign the written and taught teacher education curricula in order to reduce the gap between theory and practice
  • To redefine and clarify the professional roles of teachers and university professors to be consistent with the demands of the 21st century
  • To improve P-16 learning experiences through university-school collaborative efforts
  • To increase the number of elementary schools in the partnership
  • To provide educational technology services to schools in the partnership district
Key Components

The components of USTEP, which provide the nucleus for all other strategies, are (1) pre-service preparation, (2) induction, (3) in--service education and professional development, (4) integration of technology into the classroom, (5) collaborative research, and (6) recruitment.

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