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Pre-Law Program

FSU offers support to those who are interested in careers in the legal profession.  It is recommended that individuals who would like more information about posible opportunities contact Attorney Benita Angel Gwynn-Powell in the FSU Office of Legal Affairs to be added to a mailing list for relevant updates, conference opportunities, and helpful suggestions.

Participants must be admitted to FSU as Special Visiting or Professional Development students.


ENGL 381-01 Legal Writing

This course will help students develop writing skills and familiarize themselves with writing conventions associated with the legal profession.  Students will prepare case briefs, analyze statutes, and develop effective strategies for reading, commenting on, and citing legal documents.


ENGL 380-01 Legal Studies Seminar

This course helps students to develop their skills in logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning. Students in seminar will focus on preparing for a career in law and the course Includes a thorough LSAT Prep component.

See Class Schedule to view date/time of classes.

FSU Pre-Law Society

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