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Advisement Procedures

General Information

  • Students are expected to meet with their advisors at least twice per semester. Advisors are responsible for ensuring that the academic progress reports are correct, and that all necessary forms have been completed so that the student may graduate on time.
  • The department will hold at least one majors meeting per semester. At this meeting, students are informed of new procedures and policies regarding advising and progression toward graduation. 

Transfer Student Procedures

  • When a transfer student declares Criminal Justice as their major, either the Assistant Chair or Department Chair conducts a transcript evaluation. Students should provide copies of undergraduate transcripts from all colleges, universities, etc. previously attended to assist in the transcript evaluation process. If discrepancies are found, the Assistant Chair or Department Chair sends an e-mail to the Registrar, requesting that the discrepancies be corrected.
  • An initial curriculum guide is completed by the Assistant Chair or Department Chair, and saved on the shared departmental drive so that advisors can access the document. A copy of the curriculum guide is also provided to the student, and the student is responsible for updating it every semester to successfully progress towards graduation.
  • When advising transfer students, advisors should make sure that the transfer credits have been applied correctly by checking Native Banner, or request that a transcript evaluation be completed by contacting the Assistant Chair.
  • If a transcript evaluation has not been completed, or there are discrepancies discovered, the advisor should contact the Department Chair or Assistant Chair, who will then contact the Registrar to request changes be made. 

Registering for Classes

  • It is the responsibility of the students to check email and academic calendar for important dates regarding registration. Students will be unable to register for classes unless they have met with their advisor in the current semester. Once students have met with their advisor (or Assistant Chair or Department Chair) and received an updated, signed and dated curriculum guide, students can then receive their current alternate registration pin from their advisor, Assistant Chair, Department Chair or Department Assistant with currently signed curriculum guide. No pin will be given without verification of current advisement. Students may also be advised via email if your schedule conflicts with advisor's schedule.


  • Students should apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester they expect to graduate. The student should the completed application to their advisor (or Undergraduate Coordinator or Department Chair). The advisor will not sign the application for graduation until an updated Academic Progress Report is completed and signed by an advisor, indicating the student is on track for graduation in the selected semester.
  • Once the application has been signed, the student should take their application fee to the cashier's office, and then take the proof of payment and application to the Registrar's office to initiate a degree audit.
  • When the degree audit is received in the department, the advisor (or Undergraduate Coordinator or Department Chair) will review for any discrepancies. If any discrepancies are found, they will be noted on the degree audit and the form will be signed. Within two business days, the document should be faxed to the Registrar's Office. The successful transmission page from the fax, along with the signed degree audit is then placed in the student's folder.


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