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Dr. Karen McElrath

Karen McElrath


Phone:  (910) 672-2193

Office: Lauretta Taylor Building, Room 322

Educational Background: BS Police Administration (University of Louisville), MS Justice Administration (University of Louisville), Ph.D. Criminology (Florida State University)

Research interests: Drug use; methadone maintenance and stigma; injecting drug use and risk environments; novel psychoactive substances (e.g., MDPV, mephedrone, synthetic cannabinoids); informal social control and crime in conflict zones.  

Teaching interests: I teach an undergraduate research methods course, and in the Spring term (2014) I will teach 1) Special topics: The Death Penalty (CRJC 370), and 2) Race, Class, Gender and Crime (CRJC 305).  

Curriculum Vitae (weblink here)

I joined the Department of Criminal Justice in August 2013, after working and living in Ireland for several years.  I am honored to be teaching at Fayetteville State University.  The students have a strong sense of identity with the Department and the disciplines of criminal justice and criminology. They engage a great deal in the classroom and I learn from them each week. 

My research tends to focus on drug use, particularly problem drug use.   My studies have benefited from both quantitative and qualitative approaches and I enjoy sharing research findings with communities, including people who use drugs and people who work in treatment services.  I have given (invited) lectures at conferences associated with the Society for the Study of Addiction (York, England), (UK) National Drug Treatment (London), the (US) National Coalition on Juvenile Justice, and the (US) National Conference on Law and Higher Education.  Other invited lectures have been presented at Buffalo State College, Mercyhurst College, Trinity College (Dublin) and University of Cambridge.  I have served as specialist advisor to the (UK) House of Commons, Northern Ireland Affairs Committee and worked previously for the Florida Department of Corrections and the United States Treasury.  

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