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Internship Information

Qualification Criteria

All students interested in participating in an internship must meet all of the following criteria:

60 credit hours completed
2.5 GPA
Successful completion of CRJC 429
Have a schedule that will accommodate large chunks of time to spend on-site, and the flexibility to respond to agency needs (these issues will be discussed more in-depth in CRJC 429).

Please remember you must have 60 hours completed by the semester in which you want to do the internship and you must have a 2.5 GPA.

CRJC 430 - Internship in Criminal Justice is now an elective.  Students may take a 300/400-level course to replace CRJC 430 if they do not want to take it, but it is listed as a required course on their academic progress reports. Please refer to the Qualification Criteria section above to determine whether you are eligible to take CRJC 430.

If you are interested in a state- or federal-level internship, please realize that application deadlines may be sooner than you think (sometimes applications are needed a year in advance). Please contact Dr. Sherree Davis  if this applies to you.

Community Placements

If you are interested in an internship that is not on this list, please bring the information to our interview meeting using the contact information provided below.

Internship Coordinator:
Ms. Anais Perez
(910) 672-2272

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